The Democratic Underground Post Of The Day:

by John Hawkins | March 19, 2004 2:00 am

Earlier this week, I pointed out a DU thread dedicated to discussing dirty tricks[1] for the 2004 election.

Well today, I found a similar thread[2] that was aimed at someone who had the audacity to have a license plate that identified him as a member of the GOP. And there were plenty of Duer’s apparently outraged, outraged I say, at the idea that Republicans were driving on the same roads as Democrats! Here are some of their suggestions about how to get this eeevvvviiiilllll Republican (besides filing a false police report claiming the guy was driving recklessly)…

SCRUBDASHRUB: OK, this is juvenile but this is how fed up I am. I need to watch it because I don’t want to wind up getting shot, but I was driving to work and some idiot drove by me on the expressway whose license plate read 1GOP1 (I might add, he was driving completely arrogantly (no signalling, etc…typically of the party he’s so proud of).

I waited until he got far enough ahead of me and promptly flipped him the one finger salute, then gave him three fingers to spell “W” and the thumbs down symbol.

Jack @ss…

boobooday: “Don’t get shot. But really, he deserved it. It’s like smoking. We have to make it socially unacceptable to be a Republican.

That’s what they tried to do to the word “liberal.” Time to ATTACK BACK!!”

nicecakes: Sure thing. Time to go beyond politics and get personal to start a new civil war! After enough victories we will be the only party and one party rule will rool!

MadProphetMargin: “That’s not juvenile. Juvenile would have meant following him to a gas station, and “improving” his license plates when he went in to pay.

Try this one: On a Friday, after working hours, put a crack & peel sign on your local republican headquarter’s (8.5X11 crack & peel inkjet paper is available at any major office supply company) front door. Have the sign read “Whites only – Blacks please use rear entrance.”

With any luck, it will remain up until Monday. For additional fun, call the local papers and complain about what you “just saw”.

Master election prankster.”

lastknowngood: “Call DMV with tag # and get his address then send off for some gay porn to be shipped to his house. Just one of my little evil ideas to use on arrogant christens and prudes.”

Nice guys, really nice…

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The Democratic Underground Post Of The Day

by John Hawkins | June 9, 2003 10:14 am

The Democratic Underground Post Of The Day: This DU poster[1] floats the theory that Bush & the entire South have entered together in a sinister conspiracy against blacks…

corarose: “Southerners voted Republican & for Bush to rid Blacks of benefits C-Span caller this morning said that she was down south and all of the southerners voted for republicans & Bush because they were told by their representitives that Bush would get rid of everything that helps Black people.

Look at what Bush has done so far with Universities so far he is doing away with quotas. If this is true why haven’t any of us midwest, north, east or west heard about this? I have a gut feeling that this it true because it has either happened or it is going to happen.

Like I said the Bush crime cabal have dealings with the KKK.”

Ehr…”everything that helps black people”? So are we going all the way back to slavery here? Wow, I guess all of us Southerners can keep a secret too, except for that one person who blabbed to the Yankee who called C-Span. Man, how can anyone be so out of it that they’d buy into this sort of rubbish?

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The Democratic Underground Post Of The Day

by John Hawkins | January 14, 2003 10:09 am

The Democratic Underground Post Of The Day: Someone from the Democratic Underground[1] ran across the “Can We Call You Unpatriotic Now That You’re Rooting For Your Own Country To Lose A War[2]” episode of ACPOTI and posted a link to it on the DU forums. That prompted this hilariously overwrought response among others…

brensgrrl: “So what. . .!!!!! as FASCISTS they WOULD be against free speech. After all through FREE SPEECH, the TRUTH about their lies and propaganda would be found out. Their worst enemy is a thinking, free-speaking public. Of course, they belittle and denigrate the truth!

What did Hitler do when he came into power? He sought out any voices of dissent and tried his level best to squelch them. First, by coersion (like this right wing website). Later, when mere force failed, people were taken to the concentration camps and done to death.

I expect that the A**HOLES and Sons of B****ES at will try to smear us first with stupid EDITED POSTS then insist that the feds arrest all of us as traitors. Typical of a Nazi group. Typical of low-life Fascist and Racist Pigs. They will try to scare us off. These people fear free speech because it tears their mask off. I have ONE MESSAGE for them…

Well, you ba****ds, bring it on. I ain’t afraid of your f***in jails. Bring it on, you worthless bunches of s**t! You saltless wastes of human skin!

Turn me in! Have ME arrested! Go ahead, you idiots! Bug my telephones! Follow me! Spy on me! Track me down through the internet! VIOLATE my constitutional rights! I hate this stupid oil-war fever! NO WAR for BIG OIL AND SUVs! NO WAR! The ROTUS SUCKS! ARREST ME for giving that chimpanzee the “finger!!” THE ROTUS SUCKS!

And so does his useless, worthless,politically motivated war! And so do YOU, you products of a bowel movement! You are a worthless bunch of morons who want to feed us all to the cannons while you (chickenhawks ) sit next to your swimming pools! Have ME arrested for SPEAKING OUT! Bring it on! Turn ME in as a traitor to your Joe McCarthy Homeland Security, you goose-stepping, “HEIL HITLER” fools!

I hereby challenge you!

I GUARANTEE that you a**holes will regret the day you were born if you mess with this black woman.

Steal and PRINT THIS POST, if you dare!

(Forgive me Lord–this really made me mad!)”

Oh no, she figured out my evil plan! The first step was making fun of the kooks on DU, but if that didn’t work, then I was going to have them sent to “concentration camps” and “done to death.” You know how we “saltless” “fascists” are when we’re gripped with our “oil-war fever!”

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The Democratic Underground Post Of The Day

by John Hawkins | November 21, 2002 5:27 pm

The Democratic Underground Post Of The Day: I was reading a thread on the DU that started out with a Harry Belafonte style “your skin color determines which way you have to vote” rant and I ran across this post[1]…

Clete: I’ve got to admit I was flabbergasted today. I took a box of stuff to the Goodwill truck at our Kmart. The guy, who usually mans it is black and gay. He’s an affable and pleasant person and I have never discussed politics with him. Today, when I left the box off, he was listening to Rush Limbaugh. Why would a gay, black man who works for the Goodwill listen to Limbaugh? Does he also vote Republican? I don’t think I can handle it.

Oh but I can handle it =) Hey Goodwill guy — nice to have another member of the VRWC out there and keep that radio on from 12-3, it’ll drive the lefties crazy…

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The Democratic Underground Post Of The Day

by John Hawkins | November 15, 2002 1:29 am

The Democratic Underground Post Of The Day: This quote about the war on terrorism from the Democratic Underground[1] by someone called ElementaryPenguin, was so mind-bogglingly idiotic, I felt the need to give it a post of its own. This just blew me away…

ElementaryPenguin: “You don’t get it, do ya, dukota?? The only real war presently being waged is between the haves and the have-nots – those who have a formal military representing their interests – and those who do not! Assuming that you are a member of the American public who does NOT belong to the Carlyle Group, or any other large defense contractor, is not an American Oil company executive, a major media executive, or are among the wealthiest 1/2 of 1 percent of Americans – you fall decidedly into the HAVE NOT (cannon fodder) category. It isn’t groups like Al-Qaida that are your primary enemy, my friend, it is the Bush Crime Family Evil Empire War Machine – the one that has taken over your government through a ruthlessly planned and executed coup de’tat, that is in position to cause you infinitely more harm!! The 21st century appears to be boiling down to a final, Armageddon-like confrontation between the high-tech weaponery of the world’s most powerful fossil fuel pushers -and the rest of the relatively primative, “defenseless” mankind, who comprise its vast majority. “

No wonder so many Democrats are ready to give up on the war on terrorism, they need to save their strength to fight the real enemy, the “Bush Crime Family Evil Empire War Machine.”

You know something funny? When I read Counterpunch, Bartcop, Warbloggerwatch, The Yellow Times, Buzzflash, Maureen Dowd, Ted Rall, etc — I get the feeling that if you asked them off the record, they’d agree with this nut for the most part. Ok, ok, they probably wouldn’t be quite as rabid, but they all seem a lot more concerned about George Bush than the people who want to kill us all.

Seriously, go check out some of these web pages and see how many articles they have about actually winning the war on terrorism and about the threat terrorists present to our nation and how many articles they have that are dedicated to attacking the “fascist”, “racist”, “imperialist”, “warmongering”, Bush administration “Nazis”. Notice who they seem to be desperately afraid of (George Bush) and who they sort of shrug their shoulders about (al-Queda, Osama Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, and the rest of the global terrorist network). If you say that the left isn’t serious about the war on terrorism, expect to get a huffy reaction similar to the one Tom Daschle gave on the floor of the Senate a few weeks before the election. But the truth is, if you look at these left-wing websites and the overwhelming majority of left-wing columnists (w/ a handful of exceptions), they don’t seem all that concerned about terrorism. I think that’s more than a case of misplaced priorities, I think that’s a shame.

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