The Democratic Underground: The Distraction Meme

by John Hawkins | March 23, 2006 10:28 am

The “distraction” meme is one of the most regularly reoccurring conspiracy theories that you see on the left today. Here’s how it works:

#1) An event happens

#2) Liberals point to poll numbers, some trumped up charge made by Democrats, or some other form of difficulty for the President being hyped by the media (and let’s face it, it’s always something)

#3) They claim that the event (#1) was actually orchestrated by the White House to “distract people” from #2.

This is an interesting conspiracy theory, because it basically portrays the Bush Administration as the root of all evil. Has anything bad happened? Well, obviously this couldn’t have just happened on its own. It must be the Bushies doing it in order to distract people from something.

It’s almost like some ancient tribe’s concept of the devil. “Ugh. Sun disappear behind moon! The evil Python spirit must be trying to steal the sun!”

Here’s a perfect example of this sort of thinking from The Democratic Underground[1], where they took note of this story[2]:

“A man was taken into custody after throwing a suspicious package over the White House fence on Wednesday but no explosives were found, the Secret Service said.

Tom Mazur, spokesman for the Secret Service, said a similar incident had occurred before. Officials proceeded with bomb investigating procedures as a precaution though past incidents involving have not involved explosives.

Police sealed off the front gates of the White House and a bomb squad converged on the area to investigate the object.”

Here’s the reaction to this from some of the folks at the DU in a thread called: “Suspicious package” found at WH….right on cue.[3]

AndyA: TERRA! TERRA!! TERRA!!! I could have told you this would be happening. Low poll numbers, lack of positive response to speeches, growing distrust…the response must be terra. That’s all they have left, and that’s all they’ve ever had. :eyes:

This is a rerun, we’ve seen this show before.

Skidmore: Anyone know where Rove is? This stinks like a Rove stunt.

rodeodance: yeah, right on cue. just before a war scare talk

sfexpat2000: Maybe Karl figured out that having to talk to people three days in a row might kill Junior.

Has the “speech” been cancelled?

LibDemAlways: If they do have surveillance video, chances are Rove ordered it destroyed. No way does he want his pasty self seen skulking around the gate package in hand

Marr: You know, I really think the FBI should go over the package and see if they can connect it to Rove- or one of his aids. I understand it must be nearly impossible to find the person who sent a package when you have no idea who did it whatsoever, but I’d say the list of suspects here is exceedingly short.

“Ugh! There is thunder, lightning, and rain in sky! It must mean we have displeased the great Platypus spirit and he has become angry with us!”

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