The Democratic Underground Thread Of The Day: Cheering Because Margaret Thatcher Is Unwell

by John Hawkins | December 7, 2005 9:09 pm

Unfortunately, the Iron Lady[1] has taken ill and will have to spend the night in the hospital. On the upside, Margaret Thatcher should be out of the hospital in the morning.

But of course, a few of the folks at the Democratic Underground[2] are well, unfortunately, behaving as we’ve come to expect them to behave in situations like this.

From a thread called CNN: Margaret Thatcher Hospitalized[3], we have:

Nebraska_Liberal: good. She should be put out to pasture.

stepnw1f: Big F*n Deal die already… seriously.

Gregorian: she’ll never be on any of our money. Nor our stamps. No libraries will be named after her. No USS Maggie.

The bad news is, she’s still breathing.

edit- for my rotten grammar. Haha.

Kipling: Hope she’s in agony.

Not very nice people, are they?

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