The Democratic Underground Thread Of The Day: Detention Camp Being Set Up In Iowa?

Liberals have been beating the “they’re going to round us up and stick us in camps” bongo drum, on and off, since back in the sixties — at least.

Well, over at the Democratic Underground, the paranoia seems to be running wild again because of a story about ICE prepping what looks to be a detention facility for captured illegals,

Federal officials have imposed a news blackout at the National Cattle Congress fairgrounds in Waterloo, where they have leased almost the entire property through May 25.

Tim Counts, a Midwest spokesman for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, known as ICE, declined to say Monday whether an immigration raid is pending that would use the fairgrounds as a detention center.

“ICE never talks about our investigative activity or possible future enforcement actions,” Counts said. “Regarding the exercise in Waterloo, there is currently no publicly releasable information about that, so we aren’t releasing any.”

Personally, I’d be thrilled if ICE actually did their job and rounded up and detained enough illegals to fill up the entire fairgrounds, but the reaction at the DU was, let us see, just a touch different.

Here are some of the comments from the thread,

DU9598: Detention Camp being set up in Iowa? – LBN?

zonmoy: They are more likely to cause a false flag attack to blame either on iran or on the anti war movement so they can declare martial law and round up all dissenters.

smoogatz: Immigration may just be the cover. Looks more and more like Cheney’s preparing to impose martial law.

nichomachus: But they didn’t have the resources to help the people of New Orleans

This just shows that they can do this sort of thing when they want to, telling us that in New Orleans they just didn’t want to.

It also shows how quickly they can move to set up detention centers if they want to impose some kind of martial law.

Wiley50: Prison planet is one thing, but the DesMoines Register is something else entirely

Any rumors of anything like this going on elsewhere in the country?

It could be immigration

But, then again

It could be prep for possible riots if we attack Iran


Maybe they plan some obviously stolen primaries to fix the nomination.

They sure seem like they really want to run against Hil and, considering who they’re running, they may even want her to win in November

Strange Days Indeed!

TwoSparkles: Just my gut feeling…?

Our government is slowly getting us used to the “rounding up” of people and also the detention of people in camps.

First, they start with “illegals” that they have worked so diligently to dehumanize and incite hate against.

They figure, if we see these people as less-than-human–we won’t care so much when they are rounded up and put in closed-off camps.

Then, when our brains are accustomed to this happening–others will be rounded up–dissenters, anti-war activists, etc.

Are people in this country, really so slovenly and ignorant? Do they not realize what is happening? After what happened with the Jewish people and the detention camps there—no country should ever be allowed to
create circumstances that are similar. No groups of people should be “rounded up.” No groups of people should be detained in camps, in situations where they are closed off from the public.

That’s just sick.

Why would our government even want to behave in this inhumane way?

These actions are the precursors to a concentration-camp-type situation. This shouldn’t be happening.

Does anyone trust that the thugs in charge now…are doing nothing wrong and that this is all very innocent?

warren pease: What makes you think the Bushies have any intention of leaving next January…

…peacefully and on schedule just because the 22nd amendment says they have to? Which other parts of the Constitution have they obeyed to the letter? The part about how it’s OK to use signing statements in place of the usual legislative process? The part that specifies that rule by executive fiat is the ultimate form of egalitarian government? The part prohibiting cruel and unusual punishment?…

…Do you get the faintest hint that they’re really not f*cking around anymore? Or is this all just one big bizarre coincidence and there’s really no sinister pattern at all. There nothing to indicate that the legal and physical infrastructures necessary to implement a full blown national security state are all in place and just waiting for the Bushies to flip the switch.

On the one hand, this stuff is so pathetic and out of touch with reality that you almost want to go, “Are you people out of your minds? Do you really think Bush is going to try to stay in power and throw people in camps for disagreeing with him? How in the would could you believe that is going to happen?”

On the other hand, it’s not unusual to see liberals on the net that want to see Bush, Rove, Cheney, and their other political enemies actually thrown in jail for disagreeing with them. So, at least a few of these people probably think Bush will implement martial law and start throwing people in camps because it’s what they would do if they were in his place. That puts some of this wackiness into a slightly different perspective.

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