The Democratic Underground Thread Of The Day: “I Can No Longer Peacefully Co-Exist With These People”

It all started with a rant at the Democratic Underground about — big surprise here — how awful Bush and Republicans in general are. It was a long rant — too long to repost — and although the orignal poster, theWatcher, did say he felt Republicans should be dealt with “Legally And Peacefully,” some of the other things he said seemed to suggest that wasn’t what he had in mind:

“I am through trying to reason with these people, these sub-humans that run this country, and those that support their policies.

I’m through with holding out hope that somehow we can all co-exist and put our country back together.

This is WAR. I have no compassion, no understanding, no quarter, no parlay, no sympathy, and no use for ANY of these people.”

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“I can no longer peacefully co-exist with these people. They are accessories. They are co-conspirators, willful or ignorant, misguided or fearful, it matters not. They are ALL Guilty. I cannot have these people around me. I cannot have them in my personal space. I do not have children, but if I did I would not accept them being around my children.

They are filthy, degenerate, and LOST. And I no longer find their very existence acceptable. They are aiding in the destruction of this country, and as individuals they have absolutely NOTHING to contribute to the progression of the human species. NOTHING. I deeply hesitate to use the word “Useless Eaters”, because of the negative connotations behind it, but I no longer care.

We are being MURDERED. This is GENOCIDE. It may be slow enough, and calculated enough to make the declaration of it as such absurd, but the intent is CLEAR. The PURPOSE is clear. THAT is what is being DONE.”

The Duers took things from there and the paranoia and calls for violence continued throughout the thread (with a few dissenters of course). Interestingly enough, a DU moderator did delete multiple posts in the thread which suggests that the comments you’re about to see are well within the bounds of what the Democratic Underground, one of the popular liberal websites on the net, considers acceptable discourse.

Enjoy the lunacy!

Check12: Absolutely! I have been saying for some time now that rich and the powerful in this country have already launched a class war with the rest of us.

They have been systematically lowering the standard of living for the middle class and folks below the poverty level. They allow legalized gambling and loan sharking, and drug pushing on TV. They have no respect for the environment or human dignity. They are scheming ways to take your home from you to bulldoze it to the ground and build yuppie condos at 3 million a pop. They want the masses poor and ignorant so they can be cannon fodder in their quest for global domination.

All that said, They will lose in the end, they always do. Like the french revolution, heads will roll!

Just think about this and cheer up.. 34%

readmylips: Brave American people or just passive?…Citizens in Yogoslavia took over the government, the palace and kicked Molosovich out. If we Americans are so brave, why are we so afraid of invading the People’s house and arresting these criminals

opihimoimoi: WAIT for US…we are coming to join you….We of like feelings….we come to fight too. We bring our pikes and our poles, our knives and swords, our guns and torches, our hearts and souls….we fight this evil called Conservatism…

Alexodin: I was at the boiling point a long time ago. Back in January I prepared a safe room to hide GLBT people and Muslims and anybody else that needed to flee the fascism. I asked my relatives to seriously consider sending those not able to fight out of the country, elderly and young mothers. I was preparing. Then Schiavo hit and W**’s tumble began. I feel much better now but suspect that this bunch will not go peacefully and legally when their time comes.

I continue to employ passive resistance against them. I sense that civil unrest could develop around the 06 elections. This country is a tinder box of discontent and angst and the Repukes may want to incite violence so that they can declare martial law. I am watching for an “in your face move” such as a pardon or something more abhorrent. I stand with you, you do not stand alone. I have many relatives buried in Arlington. This is my country. I will defend the Constitution with my life if I must.

Seabiscuit: Agreed. And agreed. And agreed. So beyond hoping that they’ll all kill themselves before they kill us, there is only one option left. And I can’t say it without attracting the S.S. and getting this post taken down. But you’ve said it in so many words already.

nadinbrzezinski: We are quickly reaching that point war is the last option, at least open armed warfare, we have been at war for at least a decade now… don’t be fooled, but we are reaching that point… and I will have to ask… are you ready?

AngryAmish: Bush is Hitler. we will cleanse our land.

stevietheman: Brilliant. I’ve often thought myself that without a peaceful remedy, and soon, we may just be months away from Revolution in America.

That’s how sinister these people in stranglehold of our government are. They may not receive it, but they deserve a French-style Revolution, with actual heads rolling.

And we have to be clear who these reich-wing creeps get their power from: Oligarchs and big corporate CEOs from particular industries.

If we are to fight the most wicked of today’s politicians, we must also fight the true source behind the wickedness, the resources that fuel and fund the wickedness. These politicians are merely superficial veneers to the truly problematic entities. If only they are removed, then those problematic entities find some sneaky way to come back at a later time. They always do.

So when we “take them down”, *this time* we need to pull out the roots and soak the ground with permanent plant killer.

The true enemy is corporatism.

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