The Democratic Underground Thread Of The Day: I Hate America

by John Hawkins | November 2, 2005 9:51 am

Few animals in nature are as sensitive to changes in their ecosystem as the moonbat. When times are good, the moonbat is more cheerful, bathes regularly, and is confident that the American people will start to see the world from the moonbat’s perspective.

But, if the political winds start to shift, the moonbat may suddenly become surly, start espousing conspiracy theories, and even go so far as to watch Michael Moore videos other than Canadian Bacon.

Today, at the world’s largest moonbat habitat, the Democratic Underground, you’ll get to see how agitated moonbats can become when confronted by an uptick in the political fortune of their arch-enemy, George Bush.

But be forewarned my friends, nature is not always pretty, and in this thread called “I hate America,[1]” you will see the moonbat at its worst.

asSEENonTV: I hate America. I hate the America that gets into their Hummers to drive three flat, dry, cemented blocks to their million $$$ mega-church to pray for the troops.

I hate Brit Hume this morning and his “hose you down” statement.

I hate the mom who shakes her head in patronizing sorrow that my daughter doesn’t come to church on Sat night, Wed. evening, and Sun. morning.

I hate our leading mayoral candidate who has put “Take back our city from those without faith” and his “solid belief in christ” as his #1 and #2 campaign slogans.

There are some very ugly americans and sometimes I can’t help hating them.

I wish I had grown beyond hate by this time in my life. I’m still working on it. I guess I could change the words to “dislike greatly”, but that doesn’t convey my feelings this morning.

I need to take a walk and appreciate some fresh air, fall leaves, and kids laughing.

mntleo2: Marc Marin On Morning Sedition with Air America Radio. He rocks and that title says it all with these hypocritical fools. They do not give a d*mn about Jesus, they worship money and hate anyone who is outside of the womb. They have literally crapped on the word of God and made it into a bank account.

Since right wingnuts run the show in all forms of government right now, they are responsible for EVERYTHING that is happening right now locally, nationally, and internationally. Every child that starves ~ their fault. Every homeless person ~ they are the ones perpetuating it and who cause it with their oily greed. Every community that is poisoned ~ their fault they care more about the corporations than they do Americans. The thievery and money grubbing in our government~ all on them. Every single person killed in Iraq, ALL THEIR FAULT, they are so violent they LIED about it all. All the deaths of nuns, priests, children and innocents in S America – they did it. Every rich person that benefits while the rest of us starve ~ their fault. he reason the rest of the world looks at us in contempt ~ they made this. The shame of the media’s lack of anything that connotates fairness ~ they are the oines cramming this crap down our throats. If every liberal said this from now on, every time there is some kind of problem: “It is ALL YOUR FAULT!” They could not say a word about it. All together now: IT IS ALL YOUR FAULT, YOU RIGHT WINGNUT RELIGIOUS DEATH CULT NEO-NAZIS!”

When people accuse me of hating America I agree with them. I give them the list above as to what is their fault and add that they are smearing my good name by doing it in my name. I love most of the people in this country, but I hate the government with all my being. I am a liberal christian and I am ashamed of these people. Jesus said to hate the sin and boy do I hate the actions of this country especially when it is done by people in Jesus’ name! I wish I could move to Canada, but I do not have the sheepskin or the family ties I need and I would have been outta here 1 day after 2004’s fraudulent sElection.

My 2 cents

Cat In Seattle

Gildor Inglorion: We can vote, yes, but it only matters who COUNTS the votes…if you can’t VERIFY that the vote counting was accurate, your freedom to vote is worthless. And you can’t verify accuracy anymore…Diebold and the Repukes have seen to that. I’m coming more and more to the belief that only bloody revolution can set this poor country back on the right path.

Benhurst: Well, hating a country or its government is a choice enjoyed by all peoples. There were plenty of Germans who hated Nazi Germany and Russians who hated Stalinist Russia.

Increasingly, “freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose” here in BushAmerica. If you disagree, check out the so-called “Patriot” Act.

petgoat: Maybe it’s more exasperation than hate — the people bugging you are more ignorant than evil.

Christianity substitutes for an intellectual community for those who
are too lazy to read actual books or discuss actual ideas.

But if the American people knew what we know, a howl of rage would
rattle church bells in every burg in the land.

You can work against the ignorance, you can garrison with like-minded
friends, you can seek to subvert the wavering. Have you considered
moving to another state?

By all means, enjoy the clear skies and the autumn sunshine. (Maybe
it’s winter’s nearness making you cranky?)

Sarah Ibarruri: Excuse me? If your country goes fascist, move? What about fighting the fascists till they all have to move? I like that much better.

PlanetBev: Courageous, honest post by asseenontv. Half-way through my 50’s, I no longer recognize this country. It’s as if this country has borrowed a script from “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”. I woke up one morning and though the physical environment looked familiar, villianous pods had replaced the media and government.

In very low moments, I too feel that I hate America, at least what it’s become. And I am tortured by the memories of what I remember when I was younger, a progressive, forward-moving country.

My thoughts go out to all who feel this genuine pain.

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