The Democratic Underground Thread Of The Day: Is America Even Worth Saving?

by John Hawkins | January 25, 2006 7:56 am

Over at the Democratic Underground, there’s an eye catching thread called Is America even worth saving?[1]

On the upside, apparently even the majority of the people at the DU aren’t so far gone that they agree that the world would be a better place without America in it. On the other hand, there was a significant minority that…well, I think the posts speak for themselves.

Starting with the original post:

mikelewis: Is America even worth saving? The world economy is struggling back on its feet after a century of war both hot and cold and we are now drowning in debt. Our products are too expensive for world consumption and our people are too ignorant and divided to lead in the new world economy. The only thing we really have left to protect our place in the world is the reliance on the dollar and an indestructible army, both of which are becoming less reliable and less indestructible everyday.

Our Constitution is not only openly ignored by our own President but it has been usurped by millions of sub-laws and statutes. The average American person probably violates at least 1 law a day and We hardly have to leave our homes to do so. Our sense of morality is so twisted that even our spiritual leaders are nothing more than two-bit con-men.

Our addiction to oil has turned us into junkies. Our addiction to television has turned us into zombies. Our addiction to fear has turned us into slaves. So is America even worth saving? Wouldn’t it be better to let her die than to continue to be some grotesque malignancy on the world? Is it even realistic to believe we can fix a country so broken and depraved?

PVK: We should start over. It obviously is a huge failure.

greyhound1966: Look out your window… see? There it is…the lifeless carcass covered in vultures…America ‘died’ in the 80’s after suffering a long illness, resurrected as amerika by the ignorant, the short-sighted, the greedy, the evil.

Hardrada: What’s one “superpower” more or less in the greater flow of human history. Who misses the Russian and Ottoman empires, for instance? Or The French or British? Maybe we have to devolve into smaller states like what might happen with Iraq. I think many of us in the UPPER Midwest would be glad to severe connections with Jesusland.

Ksec: These idiots voted the disaster in. They look past his torture, spying on us, saying outsourcing is good for Americans, cheating on everything he does, backroom deals with corporate powers , etc.

Are the people who say this is fine worth saving? I say no.

mike_c: you know mike, the more I learn about recent American history…and by that I mean post-WWII history, the more I find myself asking the same question. The moral bankruptcy of America did not begin on January 20, 2001. It got worse then, but America has been an imperial power since the 1960s, at least. It has been ruled by greed throughout that time– its political history is largely the history of greedy exploitation of the rest of the world. Ordinary Americans are notably ignorant about the rest of the world, yet they depend on global exploitation of cheap labor, cheap food, cheap energy, cheap plastic crap, and the cheap lives of poor brown people to a remarkable degree, and even more remarkable, the rest of world has born them upon its bent backs for generations. There’s not a whole lot to be proud of in American foreign policy since the end of WWII. At home the democratic republic has gradually been eroded by corporate greed, making America a rich nation with a high infant mortality rate, one of the most advanced medical technologies in the world, but one that many citizens do not have affordable access to, and so on. Our worship of the worst excesses of capitalism, just because they’re “not socialist,” makes the rich richer and the poor more destitute every year.

Anyone who thinks these problems originated during the last five years hasn’t been paying attention. Every American administration since Roosevelt has contributed toward the demise of the Republic, IMO, regardless of political affiliation. The best that can be said about the democrats is that they haven’t been as bad as the republicans, generally. That’s not a ringing endorsement.

The more I learn about the America I’ve lived in for the last 50 years, the less pride I have in my country.

MN ChimpH8R: Well said, mike_c. America’s imperial ambitions go all the way back to Teddy Roosevelt. The only countries in the world worth emulating are the Scandinavian countries – yes, there can be a successful welfare state – but Americans are, as a whole, so addicted to cheap oil, being told what to think, mindless consumerism and being oblivious to the world that they will tolerate any government policies that maintain the status quo. The American populace is, collecitvely, possessed of the mentality of a selfish 4-year-old.

Zech Marquis: this isn’t America anymore same place, but the people are so much indifferent to what’s realy going on–for me I think I’ll probably say farewell to Jesusland and relocate to Europe or Japan.

chimpymustgo: It’s not just the last 50 years – America has been f*cked up since Day 1. Sure, it was founded on some lofty principles and noble ideas, but we had to MURDER the indigenous people here so set up our little “democratic republic”, then we built it on the backs of ENSLAVED human beings.

The 20th Century began our terrorization of the rest of the world. And here at home, the elites have the money, the power, the VOTING MACHINES. The Presidency, the Senate, the House, the Supreme Court, the Media, the new Patriot Act.

What is left to save? And just exactly how do you do it?

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