The Democratic Underground Thread Of The Day: Nancy Pelosi And Impeachment

by John Hawkins | September 28, 2006 1:51 pm

The reaction over at the Democratic Underground[1] to this quote is just priceless:

Speaking to reporters, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., said “we have taken impeachment off the table.”

Most of the responses seemed to alternate between people that were outraged that Pelosi is ruling out impeachment and people who believe she’s lying through her teeth purely for political purposes. Both the fury over the possibility that the Dems might not try to impeach Bush and the cynicism that Pelosi means what she says, are strong indications that she’s not telling the truth….but of course, you already knew that, didn’t you?

The liberal base will absolutely demand that the Dems try to impeach Bush for something, it really doesn’t matter what, and no matter what Pelosi says today, the Democrats will try to go through with an impeachment if they take over.

That’s enough pointing out the obvious. Here are some of the comments from the DU thread, “Pelosi: “we have taken impeachment off the table.”

FSogol: until November 8th”, right? n/t

bullimiami: i dont know if I hate the b*stards more or the spineless losers that keep letting us down.

Xipe Totec: If impeachment is off the table, tell me what my motivation is to go to the polls?

rumpel: Argument does not fly with me. We have to impeach bush, cheney, rumsfeld, rice and certain others.

The “swamp”, if she means members of Congress, has to be dealt with in Congress as well as in the traditional courts

This leadership just does not have the guts to seek truth for the people.

MissMarple: She can’t speak for the next Congress…and she knows that. It is off the table for this currently elected set of representatives.

alternativethot: Agreed…try to get control first then start talking about legal options. It may be more advantageous

leesa: They don’t have a choice. Bush has committed impeachable offenses. Their job is to impeach him. Why are you and our “democratic leadership” pretending this is optional????

patrioticliberal: F*cking b*tch

The Backlash Cometh: Well. Another reason why I don’t have to donate to the Democratic Party.

LynneSin: I’m not sure if that’s what they are doing. Let’s not use the impeachment as a campaign ploy before the election, hear me out.

There are several districts out there where we have extremely tight races in districts that have republican leanings. Impeachment still has a bad taste to many Americans because of that joke from 1998. Take the impeachment off the table but you know – stuff happens AND minds are changed

zulchzulu: It’s off the table and stored away in the fridge for later consumption. You can bet Nancy wants to impeach the Chimp. This is just election year shuffling…

flaminbats: maybe I should take voting off the table! what else will these cowards say..”Bush is a national hero, national healthcare must be stopped, crime is ok for those in power”?

Pelosi has almost convinced me not to vote. I will now only vote under one condition…if the Democrat running for Congress in my district promises to never support Pelosi for Speaker of the House. Then I know my vote will not be leaving such a loser in a position to give Republicans even more power. Otherwise I will stay home this November!

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