The Democratic Underground Thread Of The Day: Punching William Kristol In The F*Cking Face Should Not Only Be Legal It Should Be Mandatory!

by John Hawkins | October 3, 2007 6:46 am

I think the obnoxiousness of these comments from the Democratic Underground[1] speak for themselves.

Bravo: Resolved: Punching William Kristol in the f*cking face should not only be legal…

it should be mandatory! Here’s the latest from William the Bloody: “Any time I hear something described as a heartless assault on children, it’s a pretty good thing.”

I really despise this smarmy piece of sh*t. He has been wrong in every f*cking prediction, every analysis, every everything! But there he sits, safely esconced at FoxNoise, with that slightly effeminate smirk on his mug, talking down to one and all.

One punch, right in the snot-locker … is that too much to ask?…

dicksteele: Often. And by someone who knows HOW. nm

devilgrrl: William Kristol belongs behind bars. Period!

Lasher: I’ll do that if I ever meet him in person. Serious.

I mean, what could they do to me? I’d prolly spend a night in jail and that’s it. Maybe a misdemeanor conviction and a small fine. It would be worth it. I would leave him looking like Geraldo after the chair fight.

Jeff In Milwaukee: Small fine?

You punch the sh*thead and you’ll get a check from me for $100. I’m sure that dozens of DUers would do the same. They could hit you with a large fine and it wouldn’t cost you a dime.

Swamp Rat: A pie in the face at every speaking engagement may do the trick.

Though, I agree with you. He has the face of a man that says: “punch me in the face so hard I lose all my teeth, thus leaving my face to forever remain concavely shaped like a crescent moon.”

Naturyl: He does need to be pimp-slapped.

Violence is not the answer, but come on, you’ve got to draw the line somewhere. A good one right across his lip could do a lot of good. This guy is responsible for much of the PNAC crap we’re dealing with today, not to mention the fact that being a public figure who jokes about attacks on children is retarded and evil. And I don’t mean “retarded” in the intellectual sense. It would be a vicious insult to the developmentally disabled to equate Kristol to them. No, retarded in a much worse sense – politically, spirtitually, and humanely. In that sense, Kristol and all his ilk are retarded by definition.

judaspriestess: this jerk needs to be infected with that brain eating amoeba and be done with it. Or maybe incurable syphilis, that wouldn’t be bad either.

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