The Democrats Are Being Hoisted By Their Own Petard In Michigan & Florida

by John Hawkins | March 20, 2008 5:20 am

The Wicked Witch of New York is doing the groundwork[1] to make sure that she gets the delegates she earned from her “victory” in Michigan,

Democrat Hillary Clinton pressed on Wednesday for a new vote in Michigan that could be crucial to her aspirations in the tight battle with Barack Obama to be the party’s presidential nominee in November.

“I am here for one simple reason: to make sure Michigan’s votes are counted and your voices are heard in this election,” the New York senator said in a hastily arranged visit to the state.

…Clinton urged rival Obama, a senator from Illinois, to give his backing to a proposal that would allow the state to hold a new Democratic contest in Michigan.

“Senator Obama speaks passionately on the campaign trail about empowering the American people. Today I am urging him to match those words with actions,” she said.

“We need to either count the votes that have already been cast in Michigan and Florida or have new full and fair elections so that we can have your voices and your votes counted,” she said to applause.

Michigan Democratic Party leaders said on Tuesday a proposal to hold additional primary voting in June was stalled and unlikely to be approved before a deadline this week.

Opposition from lawmakers backing Obama’s campaign seemed certain to scuttle any proposal.

It is extremely unlikely that there is going to be another vote in Michigan, so why is Hillary doing this? Simple: even though there was no real race in the state — Obama wasn’t even on the ballot — Hillary did win and she wants the delegates.

Now, should she get them? No way.

It was against the rules for Michigan to move their primary up. They knew that. They did it anyway. The Democratic Party told them, up front, that if they held the primary, their delegates wouldn’t be counted. In fact, Obama and John Edwards, because they listened to the DNC, didn’t even bother to put their names on the ballots. So, it would be incredibly unfair to seat Michigan’s delegates.

However, this is where the Democrats have screwed themselves with the silly rhetoric they’ve used against Republicans. From 2000 on, the Democratic mantra has been, “Every vote must be counted (cough, cough, unless we’re talking a vote from a soldier, who is probably one of those $%^^%^%^ conservatives who will vote for a Republican).”

But, what if the votes are fraudulent? Count them anyway!

But, what if we aren’t sure whom the person was voting for? Guess and count them anyway.

But, the rules say that these votes aren’t supposed to count! Screw the rules and count the votes already!

That’s exactly the attitude the Democrats have had for the last few years and guess what? If they really believe their own rhetoric, Florida and Michigan will get their delegates counted.

Is that fair? No way. Should it be done? Absolutely not. But, would counting those delegates be completely consistent with what the Democrats have been saying for years now? Yes, it would.

That, along with threats that the Democrats could lose Michigan and Florida in the general election over this issue, may end up giving Hillary just enough momentum to collect delegates from both of those states before it’s all over.

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