The Democrats’ Disgraceful Emergency War Supplemental

by John Hawkins | March 29, 2007 2:07 pm

What the Democrats have done with the war funding bill is absolutely unconscionable[1].

1) To begin with, the bill is unconstitutional because Congress doesn’t have the constitutional authority to micromanage the war.

2) Even if Congress did have the right to set a timeline, it’s a terrible idea. Why in the world would you want to tie the hands of our troops and say, “Whether things continue to improve or go bad, we’re leaving on this date?” All the terrorists have to do at that point is hold their strength in reserve and wait for us to leave. Then, thanks to the US Congress, they can claim victory over the United States and use their forces when it’ll be most to their advantage.

3) The Democrats are using our troops as human shields to get pork through Congress[2]. They claim to support the troops, but they’re using the troops as human shields to get things like $40 million for a Tree Assistance Program and $100 million in funding for the 2008 national party conventions through. How shameful is it that they’re saying we won’t give the troops the money they need to fight unless you dole out this pork at the same time? Can you imagine doing that in World War 2? Sorry, we can’t give General Patton the gasoline his troops need to go into Germany unless we get $40 million for sugar beets and $20 million for insect damage reimbursements for Harry Reid’s constituents in Nevada.

Bush should veto this bill as soon it’s presented to him and he should tell the American people that it’s unconstitutional, helps the terrorists in Iraq — right before he reads off a list of the pork the Democrats shoved in the bill.

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