The Dems Privacy For Terrorists Plan

Look out, Republicans, because it seems that the Democrats have a crafty plan for 2006 in the works! From the Washington Times..

“Democrats on Capitol Hill are drafting a strategy to attack the Bush administration and Republicans as having little regard for the privacy of Americans.

“We will initiate at the beginning of this year one of the most serious debates and discussions on Capitol Hill in our history about individual rights and liberties,” Minority Whip Richard J. Durbin said just before Christmas.

The topic will be a major focus of the Supreme Court confirmation hearings of federal Judge Samuel A. Alito Jr. as privacy rights — the political code phrase for abortion rights — already has become a major issue, Mr. Durbin said.

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Democratic leaders then plan to keep the issue alive as they continue their opposition to key parts of the USA Patriot Act, which is set to expire in early February unless extended.

But the real payoff, Democrats say, will be the hearings into President Bush’s authorization of warrantless spying on terror suspects. Already, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Arlen Specter, Pennsylvania Republican, said he wants to hold hearings on the matter.

“Senator Specter has promised a hearing on the questions that have been raised about eavesdropping and spying on Americans,” Mr. Durbin, Illinois Democrat, said. “At the same period of time, we will be debating those same issues in the context of the Patriot Act and the war on terrorism.”

Democratic aides say privately that while it remains a high goal to win control over the House or Senate in the November elections, they think the issue will resonate with voters.

Centrist Democrats, however, warn that such a strategy could backfire.”

Of course, it will backfire! As Tom Maguire over at JustOneMinute said:

“What is the Dem message here? “Oh my gosh, that evil Bush is spying on Al Qaeda and anyone who talks to them – as Democrats, we will never do that!”

Good luck. Let us know how that works out in ’06.”

We have Democrats opposing the Patriot Act, which is designed to stop Al-Qaeda. Wanting to immediately pull our troops out of Iraq, where they’re fighting Al-Qaeda. Getting up in arms about the President authorizing wiretaps on people who talk to Al-Qaeda. Fretting about captured members of Al-Qaeda at Gitmo and in Iraq…geez, they’re practically acting like Al-Qaeda is one of their constituency groups.

On the other hand, Republicans treat Americans who don’t want to be in a building when Al-Qaeda flies a plane into it like they’re an important constituency group. Which group do you think is bigger? Maybe the Democrats should ask themselves that instead of continuing to live down to their reputation of being, “Blame America first,” wimps who can’t be trusted to defend the country because of their quasi-suicidal level of naivete about matters of national security.

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