The DU Thread Of The Day: Guillotine The Republicans!

It started innocently enough with this post:

greenbriar: I am sick of republics and their like. I am tired of trying to reason with them

am tired of listening to them

am tired of hearing them complain

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am tired of them trying to smear good people

am tired of their twisted lies


Quite frankly, most conservatives would probably say exactly the same thing about liberals. But, from there, things quickly degenerated into fantasies about decapitating Republicans via the guillotine:

sam sarrha: that is why they hate the French so much.. the French really know how to throw a revolution

Swagman: probably why they lopped their heads off-stop their lying mouths

Sonicmedusa: Hell YAH!. A binding resolution to bring back the Guillotine? Viva la Revolution’!

kestrel91316: Yeah. We need a return to the guillotine PDQ. And where the hell is Marat when you need him??

leftofthedial: they need to be eliminated from the gene pool so they are unable to keep f*cking the planet

greenbriar: I’ll buy that

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