The Duncan Hunter Blog Collection

by John Hawkins | July 12, 2007 7:45 am

While I’ve been consulting for Duncan Hunter, he has done more interviews/guest blogs/& columns in the blogosphere than any other candidate and I thought you might enjoy seeing a little rundown of some of what Duncan has done with the Rightroots,

Guest Blogs/Columns

On Duncan Hunter’s candidacy at Blogs for Bush[1].

On the surge at Captain’s Quarters[2].

On Compean and Ramos at Human Events[3].

On obstructionist Democrats at Human Events[4].

On the fence at Human Events[5].

On Israel at Little Green Footballs[6].

On Compean and Ramos at Polipundit[7].

On fiscal conservatism at Porkbusters[8].

On the Fairness Doctrine at the Power Line Candidate Forum[9].

On the Senate immigration bill at Redstate[10].


A Keyboard and a .45[11]
Atlas Shrugs[12]
Captain’s Quarters Part 1[13]
Captain’s Quarters Part 2[14]
Glenn and Helen Show[15]
Hot Air[16]
Hugh Hewitt[17]
Hugh Hewitt #2[18]
Pundit Review[21]
Right Wing News[23]

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