The Favorite Blogs Of A-List Bloggers

by John Hawkins | April 18, 2005 12:01 am

Want to know the favorite blogs of the biggest bloggers on the right? Well, RWN wanted to know as well, which is why we emailed them and asked them to send us their 10 favorite blogs, in no particular order. Those who responded have their lists posted below. No comments were requested, but any commentary about their selections was added. Enjoy!

From Tim Blair[1]:

Chase Me Ladies, I’m In The Cavalry[2]
The Currency Lad[3]
Iraq The Model[6]
James Lileks[7]
Little Green Footballs[8]
Mother, May I Sleep with Treacher?[9]
Professor Bunyip[10]
Roger Simon[11]

Lorie Byrd who writes for Polipundit[12] & whose personal blog is Byrd Droppings[13]:

Ace of Spades HQ[14]
The Anchoress[15]
Ankle Biting Pundits[16]
Betsy’s Page[17]
Captain’s Quarters[18]
Michelle Malkin[19]
Right Wing News[20]
Patrick Ruffini[21]
Viking Pundit[22]

DJ Drummond who writes for Polipundit[12] & whose personal blog is Stolen Thunder[23]:

The Anchoress:[24] Representing the rational religious voice.
Betsy’s Page:[25] The discerning reader’s guide to blog events.
Citizen Smash:[26] One of the first, still one of the best military voices.
The Fourth Rail:[27] Representing History’s critical voice.
GayPatriot:[28] Representing the neglected Gay Conservative voice.
IMAO:[29] Representing levity with lethal accuracy.
Insane Troll Logic:[30] Covering the gamut, but not the one you expect.
Polipundit:[31] In my opinion, the best blend of commentary and discussion out there.
Power Line:[32] Still the blog’s pulse.
Right Wing News:[33] Voice of the Republican Party – or it should be!

Charles Johnson from Little Green Footballs[8]:

Belmont Club[34]
Tim Blair[1]
Cox And Forkum[36]
Eject! Eject! Eject![37]
Iraq The Model[6]
James Lileks[7]
Power Line[38]

Ed Morrissey from Captain’s Quarters[18]:

The Anchoress[15]
Fraters Libertas[39]
Hugh Hewitt[40]
La Shawn Barber’s Corner[41]
Michelle Malkin[19]
Power Line[42]
SCSU Scholars[44]
Shot In The Dark[45]

Scott Norvell from Tongue Tied[46]:

¡No Pasarán![47]
Tim Blair[1]
EU Referendum[48]
Hit and Run[50]

Polipundit from Polipundit[12]:

Ankle Biting Pundits[55]
Best of the Web[56]
Michelle Malkin[19]
Patterico’s Pontifications[59]
Power Line:[32]
Red State[60]
Right Wing News[20]

Glenn Reynolds from Instapundit[5] &[61]:

The Anchoress[15]
Tim Blair[1]
Betsy’s Page[17]
Daily Pundit[63]
Bill Hobbs[64]
Roger Simon[11]
The Volokh Conspiracy[67]

James Taranto from Best Of The Web Today[68]:

Tim Blair[1]
The Corner[69]
Dynamist Blog[70]
Little Green Footballs[8]
The Volokh Conspiracy[67]

Jay Tea from Wizbang[74]:

Accidental Verbosity:[75] Interesting stories, cute baby pix. Small-business in Massachusetts angle.
AMCGLTD.COM:[76] Cool stories, great links, occasional good, funny smut.
Belmont Club:[77] Big Thinker. Helping to fill the gap left by Den Beste.
Little Green Footballs:[78] One-stop shopping for outrage, both Middle East and big media.
The Shape Of Days:[79] Good take on events.
Sortapundit:[80] Oughta be a New Englander,but decent enough sort for an Old Englander.
This Blog Is Full Of Crap:[81] He writes the stuff I wish I could think of AND had the guts to say. He’ll make you howl in offended amusement. Plus, probably one of the most community-minded bloggers around (but he’ll deny saying that).
Weekend Pundit:[82] Good blend of local color and national commentary.
WILLisms:[83] Up And Comer. Big Thinker, lots of fingers and pies. Watch. This Guy. He’s That Good.
Yourish:[84] Sentimental reasons, mainly. Hers was the first blog I discovered, and she’s still on top of her game — if a bitmore intermittent now.

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