The Final Rightroots Blogburst

by John Hawkins | October 12, 2006 5:41 am

Rightroots[1] was formed in July, went live in August, and as of today we’ve raised $211,451. That’s not too bad for a group of bloggers who were figuring out this whole fund raising gig on the fly.

Still, things aren’t going so well for the GOP right now and unfortunately, we’re almost out of time. You see, it takes time for ABC PAC and the campaigns to do the paperwork on the money that’s received, so Oct 15th is about the last day that contributions sent into Rightroots will be able to make an impact in this election cycle. That’s why we decided to have one last big push for our candidates today.

So, if you haven’t given any money yet and you’d like to do so, today is the day to do it. Heck, maybe you have given money already and you’d like to chip in some more; now is the time and our candidates will appreciate the help.

Furthermore, if you’re a blogger who wants to help out, jump in; the water’s warm — and you may make more of a difference than you think. Even if you have 50 readers, one of them might chip in a couple of thousand dollars or even make small donations to all 20 candidates.

Every little bit helps and it would be fantastic if we could have one more big day just to put a cherry on top of what has been a very successful effort.

PS: If you do blog about Rightroots[1] tomorrow, shoot me an email, trackback to this post, or say something in the comments section and I’ll give you a link.

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