The First Duncan Hunter Ad: Football

by John Hawkins | December 19, 2006 5:21 am

Here’s the first Duncan Hunter ad which he’s running in South Carolina. It’s about “fair trade,” which, along with national security and illegal immigration is one of Hunter’s three big issues, but is that really the issue to start a campaign on?

On the upside, it does differentiate Hunter from the other ’08 contenders and to be certain, this message will resonate with a certain group of conservatives out there. But, most conservatives are free traders and I’m not sure that this message is going to necessarily appeal to them. Personally, I think Hunter would have been better off doing a commercial bragging about his role in getting the wall through the House. That would have also set him apart from a lot of the other contenders and there would have been a larger, more receptive audience for what he had to say.

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