The First Edition Of The

by John Hawkins | June 14, 2002 6:19 am

The First Edition Of The Blogosphere Round-Up: Every week or two I’m planning to do a quick little review of some of some of what’s going on in the blogging world. I’ll try to keep it short but sweet….

AsparaGirl[1] is back but Matt Welch[2] is leaving for a while. On the humor front, File13’s Amish Tech Support[3] has been spreading like a disease through the blogosphere after it was “discovered” by Instapundit[4]. Now if Glenn ever “discovers” Brass Knuckles Webzine[5] I can get some political traffic going over there as well. Speaking of being “discovered”, I’m still hoping that I’ll be “discovered” by C-log[6], Andrew Sullivan[7], or The Corner[8] so that Conservative influx of traffic will keep us growing at a rapid pace. Tim Blair[9] and the VodkaPundit[10] are doing “Instapundit-quality” work lately and the Instapundit[4] himself is as good as ever. NZ Bear[11] is starting to develop a nice “Matt Welchish” style although I wish he’d update his “Blogosphere Ecosystem”. Dawn Olsen[12] has a new pic up, Mickey Kaus[13] never responded to my request for an interview, and On The Third Hand[14] is another blog I’m starting to enjoy. That’s all of the round-up for this week…happy blogging.

(**Update**: C-log[6] linked me and added me to their permalinks this weekend. Much thanks to Jon Garthwaite at C-log)

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