The George Bush Balance Sheet

by John Hawkins | May 2, 2007 4:20 pm

Some Pluses

— Drove the Taliban out of Afghanistan and instituted a Democratic government.
— He defeated Saddam Hussein and installed a democratic government in Iraq.
— We’ve done massive damage to Al-Qaeda’s network and killed Zarqawi under W’s watch.
— Saddam Hussein and his sons are dead because of Bush.
— Appointed outstanding judges, including two Supreme Court Justices.
— He has the courage to do the right thing in Iraq, even if it’s not politically popular.
— The tax cuts.
— Signing the partial birth abortion ban.
— Building a working, if rudimentary, nuclear missile defense shield.
— Despite its flaws, No Child Left Behind has improved the quality of education in America.
— The economy has been strong since the 2nd half of 2003 under his watch.
— He has prevented another attack on the US by Al-Qaeda for 5 1/2 years.
— Over 500 pre-Gulf War WMDs that Saddam could have given to terrorists, have been found in Iraq.
— Libya gave up its weapons of mass destruction out of fear of Bush.
— Breaking up a worldwide nuclear weapons ring operating out of Pakistan.
— Lebanon became a democratic country, if they can keep it, because of Bush’s action in Iraq.
— George Bush has been a strong supporter of Israel.
— Supporting Social Security Reform.
— Supporting a Constitutional Amendment to protect marriage.

Some Minuses

— Iraq has been much more costly in blood and treasure than expected.
— Bush has done little to prevent Iran from attacking our soldiers or building nuclear weapons.
— He was too slow to change strategy in Iraq.
— Bush has allowed a murderous thug like Al-Sadr to live despite his men’s attacks on our troops.
— Bush hasn’t put enough pressure on Kim Jung-Il to get rid of his nuclear weapons.
— His Medicare Prescription Drug Plan was a budget buster.
— His pro-amnesty illegal alien policies are a disaster.
— He has been a big gov’t Republican who did little in his first term to restrain gov’t growth.
— Very poor communication skills.
— The Dubai port deal, Katrina, the Valerie Plame scandal, and the fired US Attorney “scandals” were all a result of Bush’s lack of skills as a politician, rather than anything that was done wrong.
— Engages in cronyism.
— He has been proven to be utterly politically inept in his second term.
— Signing Campaign Finance Reform.
— FEMA wasted an enormous amount of money because of Hurricane Katrina.
— Supporting steel & lumber tariffs.
— Signaling his willingness to sign the Assault Weapon Ban.

Anything significant to add?

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