The GOP Has A Lot Of Work To Do Before November

by John Hawkins | May 25, 2006 10:01 am

Just to give you an idea of how much work the GOP has to do, I thought I’d share some of the feedback I received yesterday — via comments and email — after writing a column that urged conservatives to vote for the GOP in 2006[1]. As you read this, keep in mind that the responses you are going to see below are from the sort of people who read Right Wing News[2] & Human Events[3]. In other words, they’re mainstream conservatives, exactly the sort of people who should be the GOP’s biggest supporters.

“I’m voting to punish wimpy Republicans (especially GWB) because of their ineffectiveness on conservative issues. Since the president’s hell-bent on destroying this country with illegal immigration, I’m voting dem to quicken the proceedure. I’d welcome his impeachment if only because of his illegals stance.

Maybe we’ll get a real conservative in office who will not be afraid to make unpopular (but good for Americans) decisions.”– Mark

“Enjoyed your Article……..BUT (don’t you love that?)

What I am finding is that I vote for Republicans because I believe they will enact principles that they purport to stand for ……but they immediately run left in order to appease apolitical people.

Apolitical people are like children that eat all the candy that is put in front of them….but are usually intelligent enough to know that it is not good for them and really do appreciate good parents saying NO.

Republicans are not being good parents.

This is why I will not vote for them….because if you ever wish to have good parents….some how, some where, someone needs to point out that what they are doing is not good for the children. Unfortunately you cannot get their attention without throwing them out.

Another point……

I believe you cannot get the attention of the apolitical public without basically a catastrophic change. The Democrats will cause a catastrophic event that will cause our standard of living to crash at a noticeable rate. (thank God we have such a standard of living cushion that there is enough dropping room to “get it” without hitting the bottom).

The (current) Republicans however, are worse, because they do the “How do you boil a frog bit”. We will hit bottom and no one will know how we got there. And we will hear “well everybody was for it!” chant.

I would say….deluging our country with Marxist educated Mexicans, who chant “bin laden, bin laden” during our National Anthem at world cup soccer games is on our way to hitting bottom. Never to return.

No I say….if we are going to hell…let the Democrats do the driving so we know exactly how and by whom we got there.” — Clay

“So, we are supposed to decry the African American community for voting reflexively for Democrats, but it’s OK for us Conservatives to vote reflexively for the Republican? And the Republicans in Congress can get away with anything, knowing that we will not punish them for abandoning us on Immigration? Sorry, I’m a big believer in actions having consequences – for the Republican Party, and even for me not voting in November. The country will survive.” — Raxter

“Of course, by following the “Democrats are so much worse” strategery and not “teaching the Republicans a lesson”, we’ve been rewarded with increasingly liberal Republicans, year after year. What was that old cliche about the definition of insanity again? Something about doing the same crap over and over yet always expecting a different result?

Frankly, the “my guy is pretty bad, but that guy is so much worse” argument is really pathetic. If the modern GOP deserved my vote they would get it. As long as they continue to ignore us and give the Democrats everything they’ve ever wanted (and more), I’m finished being an accomplice.

I take no responsibility in putting more Democrats in power, despite the liklihood that I won’t be voting GOP again for a while, since it was the GOP itself that forced my hand.” — roglewis

“For me it is this immigration issue. If they pass and sign a bill along the lines of the senate version – I am done. I will be voting 3rd party because it will no longer matter. That one piece of legislation will sink this nation like the Titanic. It will not matter if it is next year or 3 years from now or 20 years – we are screwed.

The economics of the immigration bill make Amercia bankrupt. On Lou Dobbs last night, Senator Sessions said it would costs 500 billion in the first decade and 500 billion in the second decade. You can not bail fast enough. Add all those illegal immigrants demanding and voting for new entitlements – we are sunk.

So if it passes – kiss it all goodbye. Really will not matter who is in power. Just a matter of how fast we sink.” — gnqanq

“Sorry John but the immigration issue is a big one for me and simply rolling over and allowing millions more into the country is not an option.

The question should be why are the Republicans so anxious to lose the election that they are alienating the base? Why aren’t all the Conservative Sites like yours, Captain Ed, Hugh Hewitt and Pundits berating the Republican party for losing the election by pandering to illegals?” — PierreLegrand

“No, Cav, et al, this is the PERFECT time to get them out. Do you seriously think any democrat could take over and make us leave Iraq? Do you think they could actually do any damage whatsoever in two short years? Look at us, we had MAJORITIES, and couldn’t get crap done. I’m voting for my GOP rep and senators, because they have consistently voted against illegal immigration, against amnesty, and for law and order. They even voted the right way for drilling, both in Alaska and in the Gulf and for natural gas well drilling. But I still won’t vote GOP for pres unless they come up with someone like Tancredo. Just not going to do it. You want us to maintain control? I say, fine, I agree, and the best way for those we want to be in control is to vote for them when they run for office. As soon as they do, I will. Until then, I’m for voting OUT anyone, R or D, who votes against us, because the reason we want our guys in there is to vote our way.

Tell me, Cav. How you going to feel when you vote all RINO’s in, just because they have an R beside their name, and they torpedo us on all these issues at once? You going to take the blame, or will you just lay it off on well, party loyalty, we gotta try, ya know, and all that crap? Cause I’m telling you NOW, the RINO’s that have been voted in with that reasoning are sinking us NOW. I’m looking at what happened when the last batch said vote the party anyway, or be disloyal. Hey, most of the party is being disloyal to ME, so to HELL with them all. All RINO’s need to be unelected, no matter who gets into office behind them, even if its’ Bernie the Socialist Sanders. Got that?” — docneaves1

“I’m actually more comfortable being screwed by a deomocrat than by my own party.” — msplitt

“There are many “Republicans” in congress at this time who belong to the party for reasons of electibility only. My own state(SC) has Lindsey Graham who is a Democrat in every respect except party label. He knows that he would not be elected on a Democratic ticket so he conveniently declares himself a Republican. It is these lawmakers who must go and be replaced by truly conservative Republicans. It will take some time and possibly a temporary loss of control but they must be removed or we will always be deluded into thinking that the Republicans are in charge and remain in the mess we are in now.” — CarolinaConservative

“John I appreciate the tone of the article but when the President and most members of Congress start acting like Republicans I will vote for them and contribute money to them. This November my vote is going Libertarian. I invested time and money in 2004 and I got screwed so I am not going to become a political battered wife and love the President and GOP members of Congress just because I helped get them elected.” — anchovy

Here’s the bottom line: the opinions you’ve just read are representative of hundreds of thousands or perhaps even millions of Republican voters. They’re deeply dissatisfied with the job the GOP is doing, with good reason, and they’re planning to sit out the election in November. Can they be turned around? I think so, but it’s going to take action in Washington to make it happen. If an immigration bill comes out of Congress, it better be something conservatives can live with. We also need to see some proof that President Bush is serious about controlling spending. Furthermore, it would be helpful if the Republican lemmings in the Senate would stop following John McCain over a cliff on issue after issue that’s important to conservatives. The GOP’s about to go into battle in November and they can’t afford to have so many troops ready to mutiny. Hopefully, this lesson, which the House seems to have caught onto, will dawn on the Senate and President Bush in the very near future.

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