The HuffPo Astrology Guide For This Week

by John Hawkins | August 12, 2008 10:26 am

Arianna Huffington’s massive blog The Huffington Post[1] is, I have to admit, getting better and better. Granted, the blog posts are still generally left-wing Koo-koo-ka-crap, but the page does break some news and occasionally has some intriguing off-the-wall posts.

In fact, I think it’s fair to say that the HuffPo is now almost as generally entertaining on the whole as Wonkette[2] was back when Ana Marie Cox was running it. Granted, it takes about 100 people to produce as much entertaining material as the real Wonkette did, but they still deserve a smidgen of credit. After all, how much genuinely good material does the Daily Kos[3] put out on a regular basis?

Still, Arianna’s experimentation has produced a few real clunkers. For example, they actually have an astronomy blogger who’s actually writing dreck like this from “astrologer Phyllis F. Mitz[4],”

Dear Phyllis,

Life is so intense! Is there anything important happening astrologically this week?

-Marcy NYC

Phyllis says:

Yep. Loads of strong influences are making many people feel a bit shook up.

Some of this intensity is signaled by the August 16th eclipse. It’s bringing issues to a head, and in some mighty surprising ways!

Oh well, there you go.

Maybe that was what caused Putin to invade Georgia — the eclipse. Can we get Democratic blogger Jerome Armstrong AKA Astrologer Jerome[5] in for a 2nd opinion on this?

PS: Yes, I am saying astrology is utterly and completely baseless tripe that has nothing more to it than reading chicken entrails.

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