The HuffPo On The Horror Of Being Psychic

by John Hawkins | January 31, 2008 7:17 am

Remember Jerome Armstrong, the wildly popular liberal blogger, who used to scam people by doing stock picks via astrology[1]? Well, the Huffington Post can top it.

One of their bloggers, Rochelle Jewel Shapiro, actually claims to be a psychic[2] =D,

“How can I get to be psychic like you?” people ask me breathlessly.

I’ve worked as a psychic for over thirty years and it means more to me each day, but would you really want to have this gift if you actually knew what it was like?”

…As uncomfortable as it is when other people badger me for readings, it’s worse when, without prodding from anyone else, I can’t turn off that part of my mind when I’m not working. Imagine how it is when the daughter of a friend rushes up to me, her face flushed with joy, holding out her hand, splaying her fingers to show off the diamond ring her boyfriend, now fiancĂ©, put there last week. What pops into my head? I see her standing at the alter in her Vera Wang wedding gown, groomless and sobbing. Maybe the guy isn’t going to leave her right at the altar, but it’s a sure sign he’s going to back out, and probably well after all the down payments have been made. She’s not my client. I don’t have the right to say anything but a booming “Congratulations,” my face stiff with false cheer.”

What’s she doing writing for the Huffington Post? If she’s psychic, she should take a page from “astrologer Jerome” and start doing stock tips. She could help make a mint for the Left and then they could have lots of extra-cash to buy MoveOn t-shirts or give the money to Dennis Kucinich or whatever makes the sort of Liberals who read the HuffPo happy.

PS: What’s the next step down for the HuffPo after running psychics? People who talk to aliens? Maybe online seances?

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