The HuffPo Post Of The Day: The Coming Liberal Sell-Out Of Afghanistan

One of things that liberals often say, but don’t believe (There’s a lot of that going on with the left) is that we need to get out of Iraq so we can focus all of our attention on Afghanistan.

However, once you understand liberals, you come to realize that they believe in talking with America’s enemies, sympathizing with them, and trying to understand “how we made them hate us,” but they don’t believe in aggressively confronting them.

So, with that in mind, I’ve long thought that if liberals got their way and managed to prevent us from winning in Iraq, they would slowly, but surely turn on the “good war” in Afghanistan, too.

You’re probably thinking, “Come on Hawkins, there’s no way that is going to happen.” To people who say that, I would point back to the fact that the majority of Democrats in the Senate voted for the war in Iraq and said Saddam had WMD’s. What do they say today? Back in 2003, would you have ever thought the Democrats would work so hard to deliberately lose the war in Iraq?

Well, I am a big believer in reading what’s being said about issues at places like the Daily Kos, The Democratic Underground, and the Huffington Post because often I find that the outliers at places like that are mainstream thought that’s believed by large percentages of liberals two years later.

With that in mind, an article at the Huffington Post caught my eye. It’s called, “500: Deadly U.S. Milestone in Afghan War.” Gee, with what other war did the left keep hyping “deadly milestones” in an effort to undercut the public’s support? That was Iraq, wasn’t it?

But surely even the liberals at the Huffington Post don’t want to cut and run from Afghanistan, right? That’s the “good war,” we’re fighting Al-Qaeda there, NATO is involved, Democratic politicians keep talking about how important it is, and the attacks that were launched at us on 9/11 were planned and executed there.

So, no libs could want us to run from Afghanistan the way they want us to run in Iraq, right?

From the comments section…

peacekitten: if you really are currently serving military and your commanders told you that attrition was the way to fight a war, you have been sold a big steaming pile of BS. attrition is a last resort when everything else you have done has failed.

this is a rich man’s war in which no rich man is lifting a finger. and the LIVING, who still own an INTACT SPINE, need to be brought home immediately.

BigFootJesus: Amen again, Peacekitten have you been vetted yet? Obama/Peacekitten 08!!!!

AmandaBC: “The invasion of Afghanistan is widely viewed as legitimate”

Only by conservatives. Yes, that includes the dems…

lornejl: I want both candidates to explain our occupation of Afghanistan, I’m not hearing it from either one of them.

sparkandy: One life lost in a war is one too many.

Nyland8: Refusing to learn the lessons from our failed adventure in Afghanistan does not serve the military, nor does it serve the American public very well. Living in denial about nearly six years of failed policy will not somehow make it go away. The neo-conartist policies of imperial hubris must be abandoned because they are wrong to begin with. There is no military solution the problem. There never was.

Marichu: A country that prides itself on its jurisprudence should not have engaged in a war(s) as haphazardly as we have. With little to no aforethought as to the planning, implementing, various contingencies, reconstruction, and exiting strategies, we went to war. War was not the solution to Afghanistan. Historical precedents were, if not ignored, rendered obsolete. All in all, war is a hideous act, instigated by those who have the least to lose.

BenBernanke: I’d like to feel sorry for you…but as cheney correctly pointed out this is an army of VOLUNTEERS. Now if, on top of it all your loved ones opt to become accomplices in war crimes and crimes against humanity, the solution is simple… get out, don’t do the crime… or you will do the time.

I mean yes, it’s not an easy path…. but, on the other side of the coin… are you saying that slaughtering innocent civilians is more palatable and easier on your loved one’s conscience? and you’re asking me to have any kind of sympathy or empathy for such a person, who, on top of everything is betraying the very US Constitution he has sworn ot defend by aiding, abetting and enabling this pack of twice unelected nazi murderers?

Sorry, no can do. He’s not fighting to defend my rights but on the contrary, to undermine them. I call that treason.

maxdenn: Get out of iraq and afghanistan. I support the troops. Bring them home.

panama08: We never should have gone into Afghanistan either. That was just as stupid as invading Iraq. After all, 15 of the 19 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia (if you want to believe the official fairy tale, that is).

Neaguy: This toll will increase greatly under either a President McCain or President Obama, since both have the same policy of escalation planned.

Withrdrawal, and U.N. supervision is the best option.

Laugh at the HuffPo loonies if you like, but if the Dems get their way in Iraq, you’ll be hearing significant numbers of Democrats in Congress, maybe even a majority of them, saying the exact same sort of things.

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