The Iranian Hostage Crisis Has Revealed The Worthlessness Of European Allies

Bush was excoriated for not having more European support when we went into Iraq. Sure, he had Britain, Italy, Spain, Poland, etc., etc., on board, but no France, Germany, and Belgium.

It was pointed out by many people, myself included, that European military help, aside from that of Britain, wasn’t worth very much anyway. Every conflict we’re involved in, whether it’s supported by the French and Germans or not, ends up with the United States doing the bulk of the work, Britain making a comparatively small but significant contribution, and then everyone else combined doing maybe as much as the British.

But, yet and still, we heard yowls from the left that Bush didn’t do enough on the diplomatic front because the French didn’t send a couple of rusty frigates and the Germans didn’t send 500 peace keepers who’d spend the whole war eating schnitzel in whatever the safest part of Iraq was.

Now, fast forward to the present. Britain, a European nation on a mission approved by the UN, has had their soldiers taken hostage by the Iranians. So, surely the rest of Europe has stepped up to the plate to stick up for their fellow EU chums, right?

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There are no sanctions, no threats, no “anything” being done by Europe to help the Brits. Whatever happened to that “common foreign policy” they were supposed to have? Whatever happened to their being a European “Superstate?” What happened to all that talk about Europe’s “soft power?” As far as anyone can tell, it looks as if the entirety of Europe is completely and utterly impotent even when citizens of one of their own nations are being held hostage.

That should tell you a lot about how useful the Europeans will be in any crisis situations we may face in the future. In other words, except for the British (and who knows how long that will last), we’re essentially on our own in any fight that matters and we better get used to it.

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