This Is How We Win

by Kathleen McKinley | January 15, 2010 2:54 pm

What is happening in Massachusetts right now is incredible by any measure. The Democrats are so scared of losing this seat to Republican Scott Brown, they now have Pres. Obama coming to stump for Democrat: Martha Coakley.

Even if Brown loses, the fact that he came so close in this bluer than blue state tells us MUCH about how the Republican party can win..anywhere. Blue, Red, doesn’t matter.: 

Much like Bob McDonnell winning: as Governor in Virginia, we have two candidates that prove that Reaganite conservatives can bring in the independents and moderates.: : : : 

It’s this simple. Many people don’t vote on specific issues. They vote on the person. If they think it is a person they can trust and who shows integrity, it doesn’t matter to them what party he or she: is a part of. When we focus on the things people care about with our own conservative principles, and show them how we apply them to practical problem-solving, we win.: : : 

The media constantly tries to frame conservatives with the social issues only. We need to stop letting them do that. We need to define ourselves. That is what McDonnell did, and what Scott Brown is doing. Mcdonnell focused on: transportation and education. Brown is focusing on jobs. Conservatives always, and without exception, have the best solutions and ideas on issues such as this. These are the issues people care about. They want answers. They want good: answers.: 

McDonnell:  understood this, and that is why he won.: Brown understands this and that is why he just might win where no one thought that possible just a few weeks ago. Both refused to go negative.: Another plus.

If:  Scott Brown wins, I think it will be because of this one line of his in his debate with Martha: Coakley. When David Gergen: asked him how he could want Ted Kennedy’s seat and not be for the health care bill:

Brown: With all due respect, it’s not Ted Kennedy’s seat. It’s the people’s seat. It’s not the Democrats’ seat. It’s the people’s seat.

This is what the American people understand that those in: Congress don’t seem to. This is OUR government. These are OUR seats. Congressmen/women serve US. It’s time they were all reminded of this.

If Republicans want to win, they need to understand this fundamentally. They need to express that, and not let the liberal: media define them.: 

Let all Republican candidates learn from McDonnell and Brown.: Be strong, be conservative, have: solutions, and don’t: let the media define you.: 

It’s that simple.

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