The Joys Of “Free” Health Care Or Alternately, Would You Trade Your Eye For Socialized Medicine?

by John Hawkins | April 24, 2007 12:12 pm

If Hillary and Company have their way and we end up with socialized medicine in this country, this[1] is the sort of price we’ll end up paying for “free” health care,

“A pensioner will have to lose his sight in one eye before health chiefs will consider treating him, a leading charity for the blind claimed yesterday.

Leslie Howard, 76, from Acomb, York, was diagnosed with wet age-related macular degeneration (AMD) in his right eye last November.

He needs special drugs to save his sight but it is claimed the local primary care trust (PCT) will only consider funding them once he has gone blind in one eye and developed wet AMD in his second eye.

The Royal National Institute of the Blind (RNIB) claims Mr Howard’s only hope is to pay for private treatment – wet AMD can cause sight loss in as little as three months and requires prompt treatment.

But Mr Howard, who has been in public service most of his life, says he cannot afford the private care bill of more than :£6,000 a year.

Mr Howard said: “I can’t believe I’m being left to go blind in one eye. I’ve spent most of my working life devoted to public service – I was in the Army, police and prison service – and I’ve never failed to pay my dues.

“I’ve paid literally tens of thousands of pounds in taxes and to know that I will now lose my sight because I can’t afford private treatment is diabolical.

“Has the Government lost all sense of compassion as well as economics? Is there no way I can get help to save my sight?

“My wife and I have arthritis of the spine and if I lose my sight, we’ll end up housebound, and that will destroy us.”

Now the proponents of socialized medicine will tell you that sort of inhumane practice wouldn’t happen here, but ask yourself: why is it happening in Britain? After all, they’re civilized, relatively wealthy as a nation, and decent people.

I’ll tell you why: it’s the nature of the beast when the government takes something over. Anything run by the government is inevitably slower, more expensive, and less efficient than systems run by private industry. So, if you take people with a “DMV mentality” and put them in charge of people’s health care, then you get people who have to go blind in one eye before their “free” health care kicks in. It would happen as surely as night follows day and the only question would be how long it would take for the system to start imploding.

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