The Latest Liberal Excuse To Censor Talk Radio

Don’t these liberal claims that there is this huge untapped market for liberal talk radio that is being deliberately kept off the air by evil corporations sound particularly hollow after the failure of Air America?

The Center for American Progress and Free Press today released the first-of-its-kind statistical analysis of the political make-up of talk radio in the United States. It confirms that talk radio, one of the most widely used media formats in America, is dominated almost exclusively by conservatives.

The new report — entitled “The Structural Imbalance of Political Talk Radio” — raises serious questions about whether the companies licensed to broadcast over the public radio airwaves are serving the listening needs of all Americans.

While progressive talk is making inroads on commercial stations, right-wing talk reigns supreme on America’s airwaves.

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…The report explains:

“Our conclusion is that the gap between conservative and progressive talk radio is the result of multiple structural problems in the U.S. regulatory system, particularly the complete breakdown of the public trustee concept of broadcast, the elimination of clear public interest requirements for broadcasting, and the relaxation of ownership rules including the requirement of local participation in management. […]

Ultimately, these results suggest that increasing ownership diversity, both in terms of the race/ethnicity and gender of owners, as well as the number of independent local owners, will lead to more diverse programming, more choices for listeners, and more owners who are responsive to their local communities and serve the public interest.”

Here’s the reality: radio stations change formats all the time and there’s absolutely nothing stopping your local radio station from putting a liberal host up against Rush Limbaugh tomorrow. So, why don’t more of them do it? Simple — they’re interested in making money and time and time again, the market for liberal talk radio has been proven not to be very big.

Look at Air America. They syndicated these shows, they put money behind them, they got endless amounts of gushing, free press from the mainstream media and yet, they’ve bombed in the ratings.

So, liberals being liberals, they figure, “If we can’t beat ’em, use the power of the government to get them taken off the air.” That’s all this is, just another scheme to try to censor people who’re putting out a message that liberals don’t like.

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