The Libs Hate Coulter So Much That They Can’t Even Admit She’s Gorgeous

by John Hawkins | March 14, 2007 12:16 pm

Camille Paglia[1] had this about Ann Coulter,

“John Edwards got publicity for the wrong reason two weeks ago when Ann Coulter bizarrely called him a “f*ggot” at the Conservative Political Action Conference…. [S]atirists who play on gender themes need some whiff of self-knowledge, or they look ridiculous. Is Coulter truly oblivious to her gender weirdness? It’s no coincidence that words like “tranny” and “transvestite” clog the anti-Coulter blogs.”

Three things.

First off, one of the most ironic things to me about the whole Coulter kerfluffle was watching liberal blogs that spew expletives in almost every post and call Ann Coulter things like “Man Coulter,” pretending to be so upset over Coulter mentioning Edwards and the word “f*ggot” in the same sentence. Ann Coulter at her worst is run-of-the-mill discourse on a lot of the left-wing blogs that criticized her.

Secondly, people have a tendency to see those who disagree with them as less attractive than they actually are, but for many people on the far left, this has practically been raised to the level of a mental disorder. For example, I cannot tell you how many times I have seen liberals ranting about how hideously ugly they find Ann Coulter[2] and Michelle Malkin[3] to be.

In Coulter’s case, the lefties noted that because she’s so thin, you can actually see her Adam’s Apple, and they have used that as an excuse to call her a “tranny” and “transvestite.” If Ann Coulter were a liberal, the exact same people calling her a “tranny” would be talking about how incredibly gorgeous she is and accusing any conservative who said the same things liberals say about her today of being a “homophobe.”

Last but not least, I normally stay away from commenting negatively on other people’s looks, because I don’t think that’s particularly mature, but ah…I tell you what. Let me show you a couple of pictures of Ann Coulter and a couple of pics of Camille Pagilia, who is saying that Ann looks mannish.

First of all, here’s Ann Coulter,

Ann Coulter

Now, Camille Pagilia who says that it’s no coincidence, “words like “tranny” and “transvestite” are used in reference to Coulter,

Now, the hideous, scary looking Ann Coulter,

Ann Coulter

And Camille Pagilia, who apparently just doesn’t think Ann Coulter is attractive.

Hmmm…something about glass houses and stones is coming to mind, but I will just let it lie.

Hat tip to Instapundit[4] for the story.

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