The Missile Defense Shield: An Idea That Looks Better Every Day

by John Hawkins | June 19, 2006 10:12 am

“North Korea appears to have completed fueling a long-range ballistic missile, American officials said Sunday, a move that greatly increases the probability that it will go ahead with its first important test launching in eight years.

…American intelligence officials say they believe that the system is a Taepodong 2 missile and that a three-stage version could strike all of the United States. One administration official said the missile at the launching pad was a two-stage version.

While North Korea claims to have developed nuclear weapons, it has never allowed outsiders to see them. American experts believe that North Korea has enough plutonium for at least half a dozen nuclear weapons and has produced a small but growing nuclear arsenal. It is not known if the North Koreans can build a nuclear warhead small enough to fit on a missile, but experts say it seems plausible that they could do so.

“Assuming the missile is a Taepodong 2 and assuming the missile test is successful, North Korea would demonstrate that they have made important progress toward the ability to hit targets in the continental United States with a missile large enough to carry a nuclear weapon,” said Gary Samore, a former senior aide on the National Security Council and a vice president of the MacArthur Foundation.”

So, the Missile Defense Shield that the Bush Administration has been working so hard to get going, despite the fact that liberals have opposed it all the way? Is it looking a little better now? Does the big push to get it ready make more sense given this article? Does Bush’s approach make a little more sense than say, the John Kerry or Ted Kennedy approach, which consists of counting on the rationality of that poofy haired psycho, Kim Jung-Il? Although we still have more work to do to get the shield fully operational, we have some protection now, because Bush had a lot more foresight than most of the Democrats.

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