The New York Times Vs. The New York Times On The Florida Recount

“Two different news media consortiums reviewed Florida’s ballots (in 2000); both found that a full manual recount would have given the election to Mr. Gore.” — Paul Krugman on Aug 19, 2005

From Right Wing News back on July 1, 2002 in a column called The Two Year Old’s Tantrum That Never Ends:

“- Bush won the recount after the election done by the Miami Herald. Here’s a headline and the first paragraph…


Republican George W. Bush’s victory in Florida, which gave him the White House, almost certainly would have endured even if a recount stopped by the U.S. Supreme Court had been allowed to go forward.”

– Bush also won a 2nd recount done after the election by eight media groups. Here’s what the New York Times, certainly not a Bush supporting paper, had to say about that. I am quoting the headline and the first paragraph…

“Study of Disputed Florida Ballots Finds Justices Did Not Cast the Deciding Vote

A comprehensive review of the uncounted Florida ballots from last year’s presidential election reveals that George W. Bush would have won even if the United States Supreme Court had allowed the statewide manual recount of the votes that the Florida Supreme Court had ordered to go forward”

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