The Non-Story Of The Year

by John Hawkins | May 16, 2002 9:28 pm

The Non-Story Of The Year 2: As I mentioned yesterday, the Democrats and their pals in the press are trying to make an “Enron sized” deal out of the fact that GWB was told that al-Queda wanted to hijack American planes a month before 9/11. Much like Enron, this is a totally manufactured story being pushed by the Democrats in an effort to harm W politically. Furthermore, like Enron, this really isn’t a new story. Here’s a clip from the Bob Woodward series on the Bush teams response to 9/11. This[1] came out in Jan of 2002 by the way….

“Through much of the summer, Tenet had grown increasingly troubled by the prospect of a major terrorist attack against the United States. There was too much chatter in the intelligence system and repeated reports of threats were costing him sleep. His friends thought he had become obsessed. Everywhere he went, the message was the same: Something big is coming. But for all his fears, intelligence officials could never pinpoint when or where an attack might hit.”

So how is the current story any more significant than the line from that Woodward article? I know what you’re going to say “Bush was told that al-Queda wanted to hijack an airplane!” And? Does that tell him who the hijackers were? Does that give him a date? A particular airport to look at? Anything that could be of any sort of real use? Nothing right? So really, all we have is a rehash of a three and a half month old story about an attack coming without enough specific information to pinpoint “when or where an attack might hit.” The very fact that the press is treating an insignificant story like this as if it were a blockbuster, tells you everything you need to know about the left-wing bias in the press.

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The Non-Story Of The Year:

by John Hawkins | May 15, 2002 9:15 pm

The Non-Story Of The Year: I’ve been hitting news pages all night with some variation of the following story[1] as their lead…

“WASHINGTON — The White House acknowledged Wednesday night that U.S. intelligence agents warned President Bush in the weeks before Sept. 11 that Usama Bin Laden’s terror network might hijack American planes, but officials said the president had no way of knowing that they would use the planes as missiles for suicide attacks on American landmarks.

“There has been long-standing speculation, shared with the president, about the potential of hijackings in the traditional sense,” White House press secretary Ari Fleischer said. “We had general threats involving Usama bin Laden around the world and including in the United States.”

He said the administration, acting on the information received last summer, notified the “appropriate agencies” that hijackings “in the traditional sense” were possible. The warning was never made public, he said.”

Maybe it’s just me, but what is the story even supposed to be here? That our clueless intelligence agencies warned Bush that al-Queda might hijack a plane? Well what do people expect Bush to say after he’s told something like that? Maybe “thanks for that news flash Captain Obvious?” I mean how long have terrorists been hijacking planes? They’ve been doing it over and over for DECADES.

And if this is the story of the day today, what will we have at the top of the front page next year this time?

“Bush warned that terrorists might try to hit US again?”

I wonder if Ariel Sharon has to deal with this sort of thing in the Israeli press?

“Intelligence experts warned Sharon months ago that Palestinian terrorists might try to use suicide bombing attacks against Israeli civilians.”

Isn’t there any real news out there?

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