The Quote Of The Day From Zimbabwe

The Quote Of The Day From Zimbabwe: As the people of Zimbabwe starve, demented strongman Robert Mugabe is living the good life. Here’s an example of that,

“Among the businesses paralysed by the strike was Zimbabwe’s most profitable vehicle company. Its workshops were locked up, 10 new Mercedes Benz E240 saloons inside them awaiting delivery to Mr Mugabe’s cabinet. A further 22 are due to arrive later this week. The total cost of the order has been estimated to be equivalent to two weeks’ fuel supply for the entire country.”

Yes, while people in Zimbabwe are literally starving to death Mugabe is ordering up 32 new Mercedes Benz. This prompted our quote of the week from a striking worker,

“If only George Bush would come here and Saddam us. But he won’t and so we will have to strike, and be arrested and beaten. We have no choice. The ministers break the cars that we pay for and get new ones and we pay for those too. We have no fuel, no food, no medicines at the hospitals, and Mugabe doesn’t care.”

Sorry, but Mugabe isn’t a terrorist supporter so that means if Zimbabwe is going to get any help, it’s going to have to come from Europe & the UN. Unfortunately, Mugabe may deliberately starve millions in Zimbabwe (and I’m serious about that) before something gets done. Remember all of this when you see almost all of the other African nations blindly supporting Mugabe at the UN and when that swine Mugabe is hanging out with his buddy Jacques Chirac.

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