The Rightosphere Temperature Check For June

Right Wing News emailed more than 240 right-of-center bloggers and asked them to answer 8 questions. The following 52 blogs responded,

Aaron’s CC, The Absurd Report, The Agitator, The American Princess, Argghhhh!, AtlanticBlog, Bad Example, Betsy’s Page, Bit’s Blog, BizzyBlog, Bluey Blog, Blogs of War, Brainster’s Blog, Conservative Grapevine,, Eckernet, Election Projection, Cassy Fiano, Fraters Libertas, Gateway Pundit, GayPatriot, Gocinatlanta, GOPUSA Northeast (Hank), GOPUSA Northeast (Michael), GraniteGrok, Heretical Ideas, James Hudnall, IMAO, Inside Larry’s Head, Inoperable Terran, Iowa Voice, Keith Burgess-Jackson, Moonbattery, Moxie, Musings, Newsbeat1, The Nose On Your Face (Buckley), The Nose On Your Face (Potfry), Damian Penny, PoliPundit,
Matt Sanchez, Don Singleton, Sister Toldjah, Slobokan’s Site Of Schtuff, Solomonia, Stark Truth, Stolen Thunder, Don Surber, Toys In The Attic, Viking Pundit, Vox Popoli, Wuzzadem

The bloggers were asked to select answers to the following questions (because some bloggers skipped particular questions, gave answers that weren’t listed, or gave answers that were difficult to categorize, there are not 52 responses to each question.)

1) Are you pleased that the Senate immigration bill did not pass?

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Yes: 49 — 96%
No: 2 — 4%

2) Do you think Mel Martinez has been an effective RNC chairman?

Yes: 2 — 4%
No: 48 — 96%

3) Do you believe that we should be willing to use the US military to stop the fighting in Sudan?

Yes: 17 — 35%
No: 32 — 65%

4) Do you think that the Bush administration or CIA knew that 9/11 was coming and deliberately did nothing to stop it or alternately, helped execute the 9/11 attacks?

Yes: 1 — 2%
No: 50 — 98%

5) Do you believe that President Bush intends to merge the United States with Canada and Mexico in order to form a North American Union?

Yes: 3 — 6%
No: 46 — 94%

6) How would you rate the relationship of the Republican Party with its conservative base right now?

Excellent or good? — %0
Fair? 8 — 17%
Terrible or poor? 40 — 83%

*7) Which 2008 Republican presidential candidate do you think is most likely to win the Republican nomination. So, this is not your favorite candidate, it’s the candidate you think will come out on top.

Sam Brownback: 0
John Cox: 0
James Gilmore: 0
Newt Gingrich: 0
Rudy Giuliani: 15 — 29%
Mike Huckabee: 0
Duncan Hunter: 0
John McCain: 2 — 4%
Ron Paul: 0
Mitt Romney: 7 — 14%
Tom Tancredo: 0
Fred Thompson: 27 — 53%
Tommy Thompson: 0

* In the initial email, John Cox and Ron Paul were accidentally left off as choices on the list of candidates most likely to win the nomination. However, another email was quickly sent out letting everyone on the list know that both men were possible choices and telling them that it was perfectly acceptable for the handful of people who had already sent in responses to revise them to include Paul or Cox as their choice for #7.

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