The Rightroots 15 Day Challenge

by John Hawkins | September 6, 2006 10:21 am

In our first month, Rightroots[1] raised roughly $47,500 and Jack Kingston’s PAC chipped in another $14,000 to our candidates. That’s not a bad start for a virgin effort. Still, there’s a lot more to do on the fund raising front, especially with the GOP still struggling to retain the House.

That’s why we’ve decided it’s time to take it up to the next level with Rightroots[1]. First of all, we’ve added three new candidates, all of whom are trying to knock off Democratic incumbents. Those candidates are:

Ralph Norman (SC-05)
Liberal Democrat, John Spratt, is running in a very Republican district which George Bush won 57% to 42% in 2004. Last time around, Spratt ran against a competitor who only raised $1,215. Yet, that candidate still managed to get 37% of the vote. This time around, Spratt is going to have to face a real challenge from conservative Ralph Norman, who is capable of beating Spratt — if you help him get the funding he needs to win.

Andrea Lane Zinga (IL-17)
In 2004, former CNN anchor Andrea Zinga went up against incumbent Democrat Lane Evans. He beat her in fund raising nearly 3 to 1 and handily defeated her 61% to 39%. This time around, Evans has retired and Zinga is running against Phil Hare, who trails her in name recognition and in fund raising. If Zinga gets the money she needs, she can definitely carry this district, which only went 51% to 48% for Kerry over Bush in 2004.

Mike Bouchard: Michigan
Mike Bouchard is a Michigan Sheriff who started to become competitive with incumbent Democrat Debbie Stabenow after he completed a long, tough primary race. If Bouchard gets the money he needs to run ads, he can beat Debbie Stabenow and we can replace a liberal Democrat with a conservative Republican who is tough on crime, terrorism, illegal immigration, and pork.

In order to drum up support for these candidates and for the original 18 candidates we selected, we’ve decided to approach things from a different angle.

Over the next 15 days, our goal is to pull in 100 donations per candidate. That won’t be an easy goal to hit, but we can make it with your help. So, if you’ve been planning to chip in some money to Rightroots[1], now’s the time to do it. Moreover, maybe you’ve been thinking, “Gee, I only want to give 20 or 30 bucks.” Great! Split it into a couple of contributions and send it over. Every little bit you can send over will make a difference.

November isn’t far away, folks, and we’re going to have to live with the results of that election for two long years. This is your chance to help make a difference in some of the biggest key races, even if you don’t live in those districts. Let’s get those numbers up, meet that challenge, and help stop Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Howard Dean from running the show in Washington.

Click here[2] if you’re interested in contributing.

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