The RWN List Of 19 Things Every Man Should Be Able To Do

by John Hawkins | May 9, 2008 6:25 am

Esquire has a list of the The 75 Skills Every Man Should Master[1]. Although it’s a fun list, they left out a few essentials and went heavy on the fluff. Here’s the RWN list of the 19 things every man should be able to do,

1) Shoot a gun.
2) Catch a fish.
3) Throw a punch.
4) Take a punch.
5) Know how to deal with a dog that is acting aggressively.
6) Know what to do if a tornado or hurricane hits.
7) Cook a steak and a baked potato.
8) Jump-start a car.
9) Change a tire.
10) Drive a stick shift.
11) Give a firm handshake.
12) Read a map.
13) Handle a budget.
14) Swim.
15) Tie a tie.
16) Give a 5 minute speech.
17) Comfort someone who has just had a loved one die.
18) Negotiate a raise or a price on something he’s going to buy.
19) Tell a pushy salesman “no.”

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