The Saudi Version Of Noam Chomsky

The Saudi Version Of Noam Chomsky: If you want to see what the radical Islamist wacko set thinks about the invasion of Iraq, you need look no farther than this editorial by a professor Fatani at King Abdul Aziz University in Arab News.

This nutjob who Charles Johnson of LGF called “flat-out bugsh*t insane” claims among other things that, “almost everyone in the region believes that the Americans helped Saddam Hussein and his cronies flee the battlefield”. He also seems to really believe that Bush, “could never be made to forgo the thrill of watching the actual decapitation of Saddam Hussein” & that Jay Garner going to see people who were injured in the fighting is a, “sinister development”. But here’s where Fatani really flies off into cloud-cuckoo land…

” Many Arabs will tell you that Saddam and his Baath ministers are all Mossad/CIA operatives working to destroy the people of Iraq and to steal their ancient land and their oil fields.”

“Many Arabs” believe that Saddam Hussein works for the Mossad/CIA?!?!? What, many Arabs in institutions or high on drugs smuggled in from Afghanistan? You’d have to be deranged to buy into that theory (do I have to explain why?) and almost as loony to even think it was plausible enough to mention in a column without adding something like,”but of course, they’re crazy people.” I always thought America had some of the kookiest, anti-American professors in the world, but this guy is living proof that it could be worse….

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