The Smirking Chimp Vs. Capitalism

by John Hawkins | December 19, 2006 9:33 am

“American Capitalism is a malignancy that permeates our economic, social, and political systems and institutions. This untreated cancer ravaging the body of civilization is spreading like an unchecked conflagration in a munitions factory. Feudalism didn’t die; it simply evolved. Corporatism, Consumerism, wage slavery, debt slavery, free trade agreements, deregulation, and privatization condemn most of the global population to varying degrees of slavery, serfdom or indentured servitude.” — Jason Miller at the popular liberal blog, The Smirking Chimp[1]

Because Mr. Miller and his many comrades in the Democratic Party don’t understand human nature, they don’t understand capitalism. Capitalism is designed to take advantage of one of the most basic truths about human beings: people are selfish.

People will work very hard for themselves and their families, but, they are not automations and very few of them are going to work hard to line someone else’s pocket or for “society,” if they don’t think their efforts are being properly rewarded.

With capitalism, that selfishness leads businessmen to hire more workers to increase their profits, to earn more money which they pay taxes on, and to create products and services that the rest of society can use — not out of the goodness of their heart, but because they benefit from it. Take away the benefits that people can earn for themselves, then they won’t go the extra mile and society won’t be able to profit from their efforts.

Moreover, you want to talk about, “slavery, serfdom or indentured servitude?” Well, what do you call a person who has to do menial labor because the government makes it impossible for him to use his God given ability to its fullest running his own business? What do you call a European business owner who busts his butt for 90 hours a week and then pays most of his profits to the government in taxes? What do you call a welfare recipient who survives on the meager, sustenance level checks sent to him by the government?

Last but not least, it’s not governments that create wealth. To the contrary, people who have the freedom to use their talent as they see fit, for their own benefit, are the ones who do the most to make a society prosperous. Take away their motivation with communism or its first cousin socialism/liberalism, and society as a whole suffers as a result.

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