The Sun Sticks It To Saddam (Now That’s Funny!)

Hat tip to Drudge for the story and of course, The Sun for the pic.

*** Update #1 ***: By the way, you know why I love this pic so much, aside from the fact that it’s funny? Because it’s so different from the way American papers treat the war.

Most American papers? They might not have a problem trashing the Bush Administration as lying warmongerers, trashing the troops as torturers, or portraying the war in Iraq as hopeless, but if you ask them to make the same kinds of value judgments about the people we’re fighting, suddenly they get terribly worried about compromising their “neutrality” and start rambling on about how one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.

Well, the Sun doesn’t go for that. Instead, they unapologetically treat Saddam as what he is: a human horror film who deserves every bit of embarrassment and humiliation that comes his way. It’s nice to see members of the press, even if they are in Britain, who unashamedly refuse to play the moral equivalence game…

*** Update #2 ***: From UncommonSense in the comment section:

We’re providing Saddam with tighty-wighties instead of the far more sexy boxer-briefs? That’s torture!!

Careful! You don’t want to give Ted Kennedy or Dick Durbin any new ideas…

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