The Top 20 Non-Eye Candy Links On Conservative Grapevine For August

20) Cracked: 11 baseball legends who were legendary *ssholes

19) Dick Morris: Dems’ big blunder at the convention and McCain’s big chance

18) Peggy Noonan: They’re paying attention now

17) Dr. Melissa Clouthier: Seven reasons Democrats have been stupid about Obama

16) Holy Taco: 8 people who will ruin your party

15) Cracked: The 7 most retarded ways celebrities have tried to go green

14) Cracked: Photoshop contest: What the world would look like if the other side won the war

13) Spike: The top 10 things you should buy your girlfriend

12) Melissa Clouthier: Olympic stupid: NBC anchors are un-American and I’m sick of them

11) Sweetness & Light: Black mob beats 2 white ex-Marines rescuing girl

10) Webupon: 10 immense internet phenomena that people ended up hating

9) I Park Like An Idiot: The 48 worst parking jobs

8) Forbes: America’s fastest-dying cities

7) Rush Limbaugh: We could see a McCain landslide

6) Cracked: 7 “eccentric” geniuses who were clearly just insane

5) Uphaa: 10 animals that were thought to be mythical but ended up being real.

4) Bam! Kapow!: Top ten skimpiest superheroine costumes

3) Six Meat Buffet: Funny feminist graphic

2) Temple of Suck: The 9 reasons Rachael Ray sucks

1) Cracked: 15 images you won’t believe aren’t photoshopped

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