The Uselessness Of The Kyoto Protocol

In America and around the world, conservatives and liberals have battled it out over the Kyoto Protocol.

Liberals argued that we absolutely had to sign the Kyoto Protocol, IMMEDIATELY, no matter what damage it might do to the economy! Why, if we didn’t sign Kyoto, not only would the Europeans be angry at us (how can we ever bear the shame), but the entire earth will turn into a giant “Dune”-like desert minus the giant sandworms!

Of course, conservatives weren’t having it. We said that we don’t know whether man is causing global warming or not, the problem is a long time off, it’s too expensive, even if man is the problem, Kyoto won’t fix it, etc, etc. In other words it’s a typically expensive, ineffective, liberal solution.

But, as the evidence continues to pour in, it supports the idea that conservatives, not liberals were right. Don’t believe me? Just take a look at this article….

“THE Kyoto Protocol will not come close to solving the world’s climate-change problem – even though Russia has now agreed to ratify the agreement – according to a report in New Scientist.

Environmentalists greeted Russia’s commitment to the emissions-reducing concordat last week with a huge fanfare, after the country had vacillated for seven years since signing the agreement in December 1997.

In order for the treaty to take effect, the countries ratifying it must account for at least 55 per cent of carbon dioxide emissions, and with Russia accounting for 17 per cent of global emissions of carbon dioxide gases, its decision to proceed with the treaty was crucial to Kyoto’s success.

But now that it looks like Kyoto can finally come into force, the world needs to draw up a successor to the treaty if it is to help to prevent climate change, the report says.

…The report says: “The bottom line is that only drastic cuts in global emissions of carbon dioxide, of two-thirds or more, can stop the concentration of the gas rising ever higher and stave off ever more severe climate change.

“The Kyoto Protocol involves only very modest reductions of less than 5 per cent. The US does not support it, developing nations do not have to make any cuts and it expires in 2012. Perhaps most crucially, it does not provide a blueprint for where we want to end up and how we intend to get there.”

That’s right folks, the report says that the Kyoto Protocol will reduce carbon dioxide by less than 5 percent, but unless we can make a 66% reduction, we can’t “stave off ever more severe climate change”.

Setting aside the fact that we don’t know whether they’re even right or not about man causing climate change, much less the rest of it, the human race isn’t currently, realistically, capable of cutting it’s carbon dioxide production by 2/3rds.

Sure, maybe if we all traded in our cars for bikes and moved into log cabins powered by solar panels, we might be able to reach that number, but that’s just not going to happen.

So in other words, if we agreed to the Kyoto Protocol which would gut our economy, we’d still have accomplished nothing….except making a bunch of environmental wackos and Europeans happy. Maybe liberals think that’s worth it, but we conservatives know better…

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