The War in Iraq Is Truly Lost… If We Leave — Satire By Frank J.

by John Hawkins | February 28, 2006 2:58 am

Many people are saying we should leave Iraq. This is not a good strategy for victory if you let me explain. You see, when you’re competing at something and suddenly leave, you lose.

Like most people, I’ve been watching Olympic curling. Sometimes, one team would be so far behind that, instead of playing to the end, they’d just shake hands and leave. And know what happened then? That team would lose! Yes, they could have stayed longer and tried against odds to win, but, since they left, the judges just went ahead and marked them a loser. “Even if you’re winning, leaving causes you to lose!”

Maybe you’re thinking now that perhaps leaving is a good idea if you know you will lose because leaving and losing now will save time. Well, that’s loser talk. Also, listen to this: when I was a kid, I played soccer (I was young; I didn’t know any better). Once, we were trouncing a team so badly that it got boring and we just left. We had a ton more goals, but, because we left, we were marked as losing! So, even if you’re winning, leaving causes you to lose!

Remember the only war America lost? My dad does; he’s a Vietnam vet and, every time I see him, I say, “Hey, remember that war you were in? You lost it, loser.” Then he hangs his head and walks away and I yell, “Yeah, you better walk away, loser.” As my dad sometimes tells me, it wasn’t his fault we lost the Vietnam War; it was the fault of those who decided to leave. This is great wisdom even though it comes from someone who was in a loser war. If you trace the Vietnam War to the exact moment we lost, it’s when we left. Once we weren’t there any longer, there was no chance to win. This is important to understand.

So, having learned from Vietnam, I don’t know why anyone would suggest we leave Iraq. That’s a sure way to lose. Some say we need to leave because it’s dangerous there, but, when I’ve talked to troops about leaving, they’re like, “But then we’ll lose! People died for this; we’re not going to lose. You stop talking about leaving and losing!” Then I get punched, and that punch hurts because it’s from someone trained how to punch by the military.

Thus, we can’t leave Iraq or we’ll lose. Then our troops will be losers and I’ll have to shout at them, “Hey! Losers!” And they’ll be too sullen to punch me. Our military men and women deserve better.

Frank J. is a syndicated columnist whose columns appear worldwide on and is a frequent contributor to He is also the author of such books as “War and Peace: How to Choose” and “Hiroshima and Nagasaki: A Case Study on Why Not to Bomb Hawaii”.

This satire was used with the permission of IMAO[1].

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