The Washington Post Quotes RWN Again

RWN got a brief mention in a WAPO column on the Harriet Miers withdrawl called: “Power of the Punditocracy“.

Right Wing News has a picture of a dancing Snoopy at the top of the page:

“First of all, thank God! I cannot even begin to tell you how happy this makes me. In fact, I actually whooped so hard when I heard she withdrew that I scared the dog…

“This is such a great moment, such a great day for conservatism! In fact, to celebrate, I’m grilling steak tonight. Oh man, it’s just such a win. I mean they say you can’t fight City Hall? Well, conservatives just fought the White House and won!”

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Ah, fun times…although in retrospect, I should have bought more expensive steak and some shrimp to go along with it. When the next nominee is confirmed, I think I’ll just go out to eat to celebrate.

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