The Winners Of The Link RWN & Win Contest

by John Hawkins | June 19, 2003 8:36 pm

The Link RWN & Win #2 Contest: Here are the winners of the Link RWN & Win #2[1] that finished up on Monday…

The Southern California Law Blog[2]
Little Miss Attila[3]
Intellectual Conservatism[4]

All 3 of these blogs have won an RWN main page ad. The ad will be marked as an advertisement & it can run up to 400 words. Ads on RWN’s front page stay up for 3 days. Normally, these ads cost $7.50. Here’s an example[5] of what one looks like. If you’re interested in buying one of these ads, just put the $7.50 in my Paypal account and email the ad.

Congrats to all of our winners!

  1. Link RWN & Win #2:
  2. The Southern California Law Blog:
  3. Little Miss Attila:
  4. Intellectual Conservatism:
  5. example:

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