The witches and fortune tellers didn’t lobby against the law, because they already knew it would fail.

I hesitate to blog about this and, perhaps, give somebody on this side of the world new ideas.

On the other hand, what the hell. Might be fun.

The story:

Romanian witch tax not ‘brewing’ with lawmakers there

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Lawmakers Alin Popoviciu and Cristi Dugulescu of the ruling Democratic Liberal Party drafted a law where witches and fortune tellers would have to produce receipts, and would also be held liable for wrong predictions, a measure which was part of the government’s drive to increase revenue.

Romania’s Senate voted down the proposal Tuesday. Popoviciu claimed lawmakers were frightened of being cursed.

“Cursed” by being held liable for bad legislation, perhaps?

It’s unclear if Popoviciu and Dugulescu will try to redraft the law.

Didn’t the reporter ask a fortune teller whether they’ll “try to redraft the law?”

I suppose it doesn’t matter. Politicians like to raise taxes and force regulations on private business no matter what side of the ocean they’re on. And, no matter what side of the ocean they’re on, they’re finding themselves cursed for it.

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