The World’s Greatest Orator

Many explanations are possible; perhaps it is the most valid one that actually applies, and whatever it is, it just completely changes everything.

But. Would that even matter?

I’ve been “in computers” for 23 years now, some 19 or 20 of them in some huge leviathan construct — believe me, I know bureaucracy. I can spot it a mile off, I know what it looks like up close, I’m more familiar than I want to be with how it looks from the inside.

The thinking that got Obama elected is thinking I have seen many, many times before. Here I’ll summarize it quickly from memory…and those memories do not draw on Barack Obama.

Management’s management, alright? We don’t need someone who knows the ins and outs of what we’re building or what we’re doing. It’s all just a bunch of widgets, isn’t it? What we need is someone with people skills. Someone who can inspire others to follow where he’s going. Just hire someone for this job who will secure that much — all the other pieces will fall into place.

Two problems: One, you aren’t giving up your search for A (effective management) in favor of a search for B (the pizzazz, ooh, there’s just something about him!) — in hopes that the realization of B will naturally bring about A. That is a tempting rationalization, and there is some allure to it; but that isn’t what’s going on. What’s happening is, you are sacrificing A for B. You get effectiveness when you apply a pressure that demands effectiveness — it must be unremitting and unceasing — there is no substitute for it. Second problem: As our President vividly but perhaps unintentionally demonstrates for us, when the dust all settles you don’t even get B.

Barack Obama has become a nightmarish, freaky bore. I mean, just face the cold hard reality: When He steps up to a podium, do you even have a glimmer of “let’s see what He has to say here”? Anticipate learning something new? Seeing something unexpected?

Can you even rely on being entertained?

We searched our kingdom for a new, wise and able King, and instead ensconced a court jester onto the throne. Now we don’t even have a decent jester. Yeah, yeah, I know…racist of me.

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