There Goes The Momentum: Yesterday

by John Hawkins | July 31, 2002 6:19 am

There Goes The Momentum: Yesterday I finished up a fairly negative post about Bush by saying that “(t)he only thing that gives me any comfort at all is that Bush SEEMS to still be serious about the war.” If this story[1] would have broken before I finished that post I wouldn’t have written that line….

“Bush administration officials have told key lawmakers not to expect a U.S. attack on Iraq before the fall elections, allowing time for Congress to debate the possibility of war.

Senior administration officials gave the assurances in private conversations with senators planning a series of hearings that begin today into a possible U.S. attack on Iraq. The officials said there would be no ”October surprise” — a sudden attack before the Nov. 5 congressional elections to remove Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein.”

So we are going to screw around for more than a YEAR between Afghanistan and Iraq? This is exactly the sort of thing Clinton would do. He’d talk tough and then he’d move the date back. Then when next year rolled around it would be, “I worked harder on this Iraqi invasion than anything I’ve ever worked on in my life but it’s just not feasible. So we’re going to keep on working with the UN to get those inspectors in there because that’s my top priority.” Is Bush going to do the same thing? It’s entirely possible that he is.

After the November elections the Democrats natural urge to capitulate rather than use force is going to come to the forefront and any momentum we have from our victory in Afghanistan will be long gone. Combine that with the short memory of the general public and the opposition of our nearly useless “allies” in Europe (other than Britain) and the Middle East to an attack and it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if Bush made some sort of face saving maneuver and gave up on really accomplishing anything.

I can only hope this is some sort of brilliant ruse or that there are factors beyond our control that the public is unaware of that are keeping us from hitting Iraq right now. Thousands of Americans have already died and millions more may die in the future if we don’t have the will to see this thing through. Despite all of Bush’s tough talk, I’m not sure that he’s willing to do what it takes to win this war.

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