Things the Biden Pick Tell You About Obama

by McQ | August 24, 2008 7:00 pm

These according to Politico:[1]

He’s fixing for a fight.

Obama has been criticized as being slow to react to attacks. As Karl Rove said, he now has an attack dog at his side. However, if anyone has observed Joe Biden for any length of time, Biden has a penchant for going too far and saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. So in that regard, he may end up being a mixed blessing at best.

He’s a lot more conventional than advertised.

In terms of politics, that’s been obvious to those of us undazzled by the hype for some time. He’s a product of Chicago politics and just claiming to be a “new politician” interested in pursuing “new politics” has little or no bearing on reality. In reality, he’s as much an old time pol as is Joe Biden – just not as experienced.

He’s insecure about security.

Of course he is. And he should be. He’s said things that have underscored both his inexperience and naivety concerning foreign policy and national security. Biden will help that somewhat, but first has to admit he was all for the war and its pursuit. He also has to explain away his Iraqi partition plan – and he has to explain that to the Democrat anti-war base. Again, Biden is a mixed blessing.

He’s more worried about Lunchbox Joe than Bubba.

This one alludes to Obama being worried about the Clintons. I just don’t see that. Again his inexperience and arrogance betray him. He thinks he’s above the Clintons and doesn’t have to worry about them. I think that is a very naive tactical mistake. I also think Hillary as VP would have absolutely ensured a Democratic victory in November.

He doesn’t hold a grudge — or at least he doesn’t let it get in the way.

This speaks to Biden’s attacks on him while a presidential candidate himself. More explaining away for Biden to do.

Personally I think he chose Biden because he was the one, outside of Hillary, who could do him the most good. The fact that Biden was the pick tells you how slim that field was.

I’ll add one more to the list Politico had.

He’s on the defensive.

To me Biden was a very defensive pick. He needs shoring up in the foreign policy/national defense area and he and his campaign know that. But if they think they can now pass off questions in that area by saying “Joe will do it”, they can forget that.

What Biden doesn’t bring to the campaign either is any executive experience. And, frankly, he’s an easy target. But as Jane Hamsher[2] said, “at least it’s not…”.

Well, there you go.

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