Think This Election Doesn’t Matter?

by Chad Stafko | September 13, 2012 9:00 am

Those deeply entrenched in politics and individuals passionate about candidates and causes often claim that an election is of profound importance and that the results will have a great impact on our nation. These oftentimes turn out to be unintended exaggerations. However, this election is indeed one of those.

We stand at a wide fork in the road of America’s long and prosperous history, with two distinct pathways from which we, the voters, will choose. Our chosen path will be either one that vaults our government to unprecedented levels of intervention into and diction of our lives or a path paved by a return to the celebration and rewarding of success and embodied by the drive for America to be, far and above, the greatest nation on earth.

President Obama has tantalized us with lofty thoughts the past few years in which he has demonstrated his philosophy that the government that governs the most governs the best. Yet, we’ve seen what this philosophy has produced over less than four years. We now have an unemployment rate of 8.1%, making 43 consecutive months of unemployment of 8% or more, a better than 50% swelling of the federal debt from $10.6 trillion to $16.0 trillion, failed government investments, and government-run health care that was opposed by a majority of Americans. The list could go on.

All of this, once again, has been done in less than four years. Imagine what could occur during the next four years under this president if he were free from the shackles of seeking reelection. Obama clearly has his foot on the accelerator, seeking to drive us deep down the pathway of massive government intervention.

The massive government deficit which Obama has added to at an unprecedented level is a real burden and nothing at which to yawn. To put America’s level of debt in perspective, the Obama deficit is equal to about $136,000 per household…and growing. It’s this ever-growing massive level of debt that resulted in the first downgrade of U.S. debt in our history last August.

So, here we have a president who has saddled every household in America with a level of debt of which is equivalent to a nice house in many parts of the country. Ours is also a president who has been adamant about taking more from the have’s and giving more to the have not’s and pushed through his signature health care legislation despite having a majority of Americans who were against it.

It was this same type of tyrannical and oppressive governing against the people that drove our Founding Fathers to create this nation some 236 years ago.

Four years ago America hired a Chief Executive with no proven experience, full of grandiose ideas and delivering speeches populated with flowering words of how great America would be under his relationship. His is nothing short of a failed, disappointing, and disastrous presidency.

Once again he asks for the vote of the American people. He will certainly receive plenty of votes from the Democratic lemmings. Perhaps you were duped once and voted for him. That’s understandable. Don’t be fooled by his empty promises again.

This election does matter. We have a choice. We don’t have to go down this weed-filled pathway of Obama’s any longer.

We have in Mitt Romney and his running mate, Paul Ryan, two men who, unlike Obama in 2008, have experience and have simply gotten the job done. Romney’s executive business background at Bain Capital in which he studied the value of businesses and parts thereof will be of immense value, both as he seeks to create jobs as well as in deciding where in and how much of the federal budget to cut. Add to this his accomplishment of turning around the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics Committee back in 2002 in which the Committee was deep in debt and characterized by unethical practices.

Ryan adds to the fiscal intelligence of the ticket as he has been a champion of fiscal discipline during his time in Congress. His Pathway To Prosperity budget proposal tackled the so-called “untouchables” and massive components of the federal budget such as Medicare and Social Security.

So, this election does matter. There is no reason to believe that the skyrocketing deficits under Obama will somehow end if he is reelected. From a fiscal perspective, there is no logical reason to reelect Obama. If he is reelected, it will be a devastating fiscal disaster for America.

Chad Stafko is a writer and political consultant living in the Midwest. He can be reached at [email protected]

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