This Amazing Movement

by Kathleen McKinley | January 27, 2010 9:45 am

Everyone has their opinion on the slow crippling disappointment Americans feel about Pres. Obama. Some say he is too cool and distant. Others say he kept too many of the Bush administration’s policies. But the truth can be found in a series of miscalculations and this boondoggle of a health care bill.

When I find myself outside of this political bubble of the blogosphere, and talk to people who aren’t political addicts like myself, the feeling is simple. They really wanted Obama to be different. They are sad and disappointed that he isn’t. It’s like watching a winning team lose again and again. You want them to win, but they just aren’t.

It seems to me that most pundits are missing the important element into all of this, the Tea Party movement. The msm tried to ignore it. Then they ridiculed it. Now they ignore what it accomplished. And what it accomplished is pretty amazing. Let’s face the truth of this. Without the Tea Party movement this health care bill would have passed long ago. The Tea Party movement is what propelled Scott Brown to the Senate. The Tea Party forced people to look for alternatives. It shook up the status quo.

Republicans are benefiting from the Tea Parties, but for only one reason. We have nowhere else to go. Choosing between Republicans and Democrats is like choosing between two boyfriends that cheated on you. One is Brad Pitt and the other is Tiger Woods. You have to at least go with the one who isn’t a serial cheater with serious emotional problems. So the Tea Party people tend to stick with Republicans.

It’s been reported that at the State Of The Union speech tonight Pres. Obama will tell us why Americans are so angry and frustrated. This should be good coming from a man that not too long ago made fun of the “people waving tea bags around.” Pres. Obama doesn’t have a clue why people are frustrated. I have no doubt Obama will give a good speech. But I think people now know that pretty speeches don’t make up for bad policy.

The Tea Party movement has just gotten started. You ain’t seen nothing yet. In the coming elections, the politicians won’t know what hit them. Maybe soon the msm will catch on to this grassroots movement and the amazing things that it has done.

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