This Is A Repeat Of The 1980 Election

by John Hawkins | August 14, 2008 8:32 am

Since history always repeats itself, there have been a lot of people trying to figure out which election we’re repeating this time around.

Is it Lincoln vs. McClellan? Wilkie vs. FDR? Bush vs. Dukakis?

I’d say it’s Reagan vs. Carter.

Now, that’s not to say Obama is another Reagan. To the contrary, Reagan was de facto leader of the conservative movement in America when he ran for President while Obama is an insufferable lightweight, a mere empty suit. However politically, the situation is very similar.

In 1980, the American people were sick to death of Jimmy Carter. However, the election turned into a referendum on Ronald Reagan. Was he ready to lead? Could he be trusted in the White House? Was he just an actor with a great personality or was he the real deal?

In this election, the American people are sick to death of George Bush and the Republican Party. However, the election has turned into a referendum on Barack Obama. Does he have the experience to lead? Can he be trusted to deal with a crisis at 3 AM in the White House? Is he the real deal or he just a young, good looking “celebrity?”

Ultimately, Reagan’s two terms as governor of California, his years on the road talking about conservative issues, and his substantive approach to the issues of the day convinced the American people that they could trust him in the White House and they happily kicked Jimmy Carter to the curb for him.

Of course, again it goes without saying that Obama is no Reagan, McCain is no Jimmy Carter, and the country is much more divided today than it was in 1980. Still, in the end, who ends up the in the White House is going to revolve around one key issue: is Barack Obama ready to lead? The conclusion most people come to on that question will probably determine who the next President of United States is going to be.

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